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Holy balls! I need to discuss this ending!

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Patricia Is anyone with me? What was with that ending? The hair comment I mean... can anyone clarify this for me? Who poisoned who?????

KathyH On the facebook page for discussion of Insidious after reading it, Aleatha basically says that the intention is for the reader to decide the ending themselves. As much as I want Victoria to have a happily ever after, I don't think she's capable of trusting anyone after everything that was done to her over the years. Therefore, I don't think the hair is hers.

Gerda I think it is Victoria's revenge on Travis. She ripped the letters from the lawyers which said that Travis and Stewart were related and kept it a secret. She bid her time and did not trust him.
I wonder what she might do to her mother who did not tell Victoria about her half-brother and that was the guy who"deflowered" her, she might feel disgusted about that.

Maria ggggrrrr I thought the same thing! What a hell was that ending? Kind of ruined it for me, but still a 4 star read. And after reading this, that it was for us to decide? GGrrrr I'm pretty sure it's her hair (he pulled her hair when she was giving him a BJ). Now I'm sad, even more then I was before! I hope you're right and I'm wrong...but even if it's Travis hair, it just ruined it for me. I wish I never had read that last paragraph.

Patricia I agree with you Maria, I was so happy with the ending until that last paragraph! I think its her hair also :( I cant see why it would be his given the nature of what they were doing at the time of noticing the hair.

message 6: by Aleatha (new)

Aleatha Romig The answer is...there is NO answer...every theory is correct and every theory is incorrect. So YOU get to decide. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't. I've read many possible causes on many threads. It's FUN. It's up to YOU. You can take it anyway you want it to go. I left clues for 3 possible endings, but I've read some I never imagined. My goal is for you to think about it...and have fun with it! Thanks for reading!!! ;)

Maria I understand that Aleatha, it's just the romantic side of me that really wished a HEA for her. After all she went trough and we went trough with her, it just felt unnecessary to create this doubt. To me it was no fun. But that's just me. Still loved the story, still love your writing and will continue to read your books. ;) I'm just going to do the same thing I did after reading Mud Vein...I'm going to imagine a HEA, so I'm going to try and forget that last paragraph ;)

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Mia Rivers When I first read the last paragraph and finished the last sentence I was like...wait. I had to re-read it 3 times to let it sink in. I think it was her hair. Her and Travis were the only ones that knew about the chemical or whatever it was. Then...when she got the letters from the lawyer, she ripped it up because she didn't want to keep speculating anything and finally get a HEA. That's what I got from it. And Travis...well he displayed so much anger towards her form the start that I didn't easily buy his soft side. I felt he had something up his sleeve the whole time, especially since I anticipated that Aleatha Romig would just throw something out of left field. But when I reached close to the end I was almost convinced that I was wrong about Travis and he was, indeed, in love with her. WRONG !!! I think it was him and that was her hair. Ughhhh 3

Claire I think that in the end travis kills her because he was at the warehouse every time she was he would have seen her put the drugs into the chair that killed her husband I also don't think peppermint man was broody I think travis put the mints in his coat because she would have noticed his breath when they were together, and he needed to marry her to take all the money and get the ultimate revenge on her husband because he let his mother suffer.

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Paula I hate it when authors end their work without a clear resolution. After all it is their story, not ours and so there should be a definitive ending, not one we make up.

message 11: by Theresa (last edited Nov 10, 2014 09:58AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Theresa Insidious by Aleatha Romig. I loved this book. This was a very good book. It has a dark theme (Which I love to read) and a very intriguing story line. The twist and turns will keep you guessing all they to the end. Even the ending will keep you guessing. This is a stand alone book. From what I read each book in this series will be a stand alone book. I hope the next book is as good as this one. I can't wait till the next one is released.

Beverly Quigley I just finished this book and I did not get the last line either I had to go thru and re- read it thinking wtf!!!!
And how is Travis and Stewart related???

Beverly Quigley I was thinking last night when I couldn't sleep, was the hair in the shower because one of them was trying to kill the other with that extra vial of medicine she had.
I feel like there should be some some kind of follow up book. to many unanswered questions

Nikki beverly, they were half brothers if i remember correctly.

Nikki Claire wrote: "I think that in the end travis kills her because he was at the warehouse every time she was he would have seen her put the drugs into the chair that killed her husband I also don't think peppermint..."

WOW Claire. Thanks. I would have NEVER thought of that. I was thinking how could Brody be the peppermint man and she not know it after all the times they were together. Hummmmm.....awesome theory.

Kristin Campbell Claire wrote: "I think that in the end travis kills her because he was at the warehouse every time she was he would have seen her put the drugs into the chair that killed her husband I also don't think peppermint..."

I thought along the EXACT same lines. Especially the way Travis always treated her, and her him. I would think there was a lot of disdain there, and it showed in the beginning. And if they were related, he would want revenge. And what perfect way to extract that then do to her what she did to her husband, WHO WAS PROTECTING HER THE WHOLE TIME!

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Sanya Ali The ending was such a mind fuck,I mean,after all the shit she was put through(and we in turn), the story should have fucking ended on a clear happy note. About the ending,what I personally concluded was Victoria killed travis because she suspected he was after the money and his mother/his revenge all along. But after reading other reader's and also the writer's comments, we can't be sure of any ending, so I guess it's up to us however we want it to end. I'm now choosing to believe they had their happily ever after and the hair was nothing other than normal hair fall -_- lol

ShayWebbs Why marry Travis? We have all seen relationships that the people hate each other, when deep down they are destined for each other. Like Vic and Travis. After reading all the other comments, maybe you are to make your own ending. I would have preferred a concrete ending. But, the book itself was a great read. keep your friends close and enemies closer.

Willow Brooks I absolutely Love this twisted kind of stuff. Personally I think the hair is hers. Travis did want to protect her, but he had to get rid if her before she got rid of him. I'm also tripping about the family connection. Travis is is Stewarts son. Please tell me I'm right.

I wanted them to have their HEA, so now I'm seriously upset. What was it all for if one of them die?

Nikki No....Travis was his half brother.

Oriya Hirschhorn So I'm coming back to this book after a long time since I got two of my friends to read it who in the end had the same reaction as I did...WTF did I just read?! Put aside what happened at the end ... does nobody think anything of Victoria sleeping/losing her virginity to her brother? Are we the only ones that find that little tidbit interesting. It's as if Aleatha just glossed over the fact that Victoria got deflowered by her brother and it didn't even phase her!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?

Now to discuss the ending ... It's totally her hair but I don't think Travis did it. And that is what I'm sticking to. Maybe one day in the future Aleatha will write a book that has the three different versions of the ending she thought of and we can get some closure.

Total mind fuck that's for sure!

LoveofWords ok, so I see Im way behind on reading this book but....I still have to put my 2 cents in. Brody has to have went to the warehouse, so he has to be one of the "friends". He had been in contact with the poison and he had also had the meetings with Parker. Also, he knew she had been whipped because in the hospital, he had said "I thought you didn't see Parker", so he knew and the only way to know was from his meeting with Parker. Now, in the "future", I believe it is Travis's hair in the drain. He did say "Fuck! Vikki, you're killing me", right? :) Great book!

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Donna If one of them was poisoned, they are both gonna die. They had sex in the morning and in the shower. Earlier Travis had made a big deal about her not touching the attorney she poisoned. My first thought was it was her hair because he laid her on the shower floor and since she had long hair, it just was in the way of the drain. But yeah I definitely did a WTF in my car..I was listening to the audio version.

Kaishi I am going to imagine it as a HEA and I'm going to think the hair in the drain do not mean anything except for the normal hair loss. Neither poisoned none. If one had, the second would die too cause they have a very sexual relation and for sure the one would have been exposed to another.

Frannie Cheska Maria wrote: "ggggrrrr I thought the same thing! What a hell was that ending? Kind of ruined it for me, but still a 4 star read. And after reading this, that it was for us to decide? GGrrrr I'm pretty sure it's ..."

I agree 100% it went from a 5* to a 4 because of that for me. Letting the readers decide can def work sometimes, but not here.

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Nida Kazi I am going absolute nuts wid the ending.. She doesn't seem distress wid the hair in the sink so i think it was his hair.. Why the heck would she do that!?! I thought she's happy and then why kill him?

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