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Nudity in Urban Fiction

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message 1: by Dion (new)

Dion Cheese (cheezie088) | 31 comments Mod
Do you think that their is too much nudity on the covers urban fiction books? Or,is the same old cliche being carried out just for the sake of exposure, or do you feel many of the covers are relevant to the story being told at hand?

message 2: by James (new)

James III | 3 comments I know this is an old topic, but it's new to me. Two things - 1. the nudity of the cover brings to mind, 'hip-hop honeys' and may be effective in catching the target audience's eye. 2. People use what works. If a hot chick on the cover sells, that's what they're going to use.

message 3: by Dion (new)

Dion Cheese (cheezie088) | 31 comments Mod
I agree totally. Also topics are never old...LOL!

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