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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 3 comments I am currently available to beta read anything within the romance genre, particularly sci-fi/paranormal. I am an avid reader with a background in education willing to look for spelling and grammar issues, as well as offer constructive comments and criticism.

message 2: by A.M. (new)

A.M. Frater | 27 comments Hi Jessica, are you willing to beta m/m fanfiction?

message 3: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Ford | 7 comments I have a paranormal romance, if you are interested.

message 4: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Shepard | 5 comments Hi Jessica,

I have a complete 79,000 word paranormal romance and am looking for a beta reader.

I've had some initial interest from four publishers and I would welcome suggestions and critiques.

If you are interested my email is

Thank you,

message 5: by M.M. (new)

M.M. John (mmjohn) | 11 comments Hey,

Email me at
I have a 70K novel that is waiting for you!
In Paper Cuts, book two, the serialized tale continues…

From the outside, Paige Langley’s life seems pretty normal…whatever that means. But it’s not. Her new boyfriend Matthew—a chain-smoking, musician—is acting strange, her friends at school even stranger, and Devon Connors, the boy that Paige is crushing on nearly dies in drug experiment gone wrong.

Then one of the local football players mysteriously turns up dead and it launches a full-scale investigation by police on the illegal drug use at Bass Towers High School. And with all the weirdness going on, Paige is starting to suspect that Devon knows more than he’s letting on.

As the horrible truth about the wild after school party scene—filled with sex, narcotics, and even murder—circulates around campus, Paige’s perfect life takes an unexpected turn, and a dark suspicion is suddenly cast on those she trusts most….

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