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KT (queenlykt) Basics
Name -
Gender -
Appearance Age-
Species -

Look -
Face Claim-

Personality- (4+ sentences/points)




History- (4+ sentences/points)

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Name - Raguel
Name Meaning - Friend of God
Nickname - Rig
Gender - Androgynous
Age - 2,300
Appearance Age - 21 (ish)
Species - Archangel


Hair - Black
Eyes - Dark grey
Wings - Black with dark grey details
Build - Tall and lean with not too muscle but not too much fat
Markings - Tattoos that change depending on eir mood and piercings that change also
Style - Loose black jeans, silver jewelry, a black leather jacket or a tank top, an eye patch (sometimes), and black gloves
Face Claim - Jayy Von Monroe

Personality - Rig can be nice enough, but ey is the angel of vengeance. Eir holds grudges like almost no other, and anyone who upsets em will be eir enemy for the rest of eir life. Ey loves arguing and is easy to role up. Ey has no compassion. Ey desires justice over all else. Anyone who offends God is eir enemy.

If you value your life, do not offend em. If you do, ey will be after you for the rest of your days. Ey is easily angered, and ey holds grudges. Ey does have a kinder side, but that remains mostly hidden behind eir anger and thirst for vengeance. Any who oppose the word of God is eir enemy.


✓ War
✓ Vengeance
✓ God
✓ Arguing
✓ Fire
✓ Sparring
✓ Compliments
✓ Friends


✗ Insults
✗ Demons
✗ Peace
✗ The color white
✗ Noon
✗ Disobedience
✗ Michael


✓ Keeping track of every insult on him
✓ Sensing insults
✓ Hearing any unfaithfulness to God


✗ Temperamental
✗ Inability to let go of the past
✗ Inability to forgive


» Sparring
» Drinking
» Listening to music
» Picking fights
» Competing in games and competitions
History -
Ey was born without having a gender. For that reason, ey was an oddity among the other angels. However, it became clear that ey was powerful. It was not long before everyone realized that Rig was in fact an Archangel.

Rig was accepted as an Archangel gladly, but that gladness disappeared once more of Rig's powers developed. Ey started becoming faster to anger and more vengeful.

It was then revealed that Rig was the Archangel of Vengeance. Ey began turning a bit more towards fighting demons and keeping the people to the will of God. However, that does not mean ey seems particularly straight-laced. In fact, most see em as a rebel.

After being involved in the fight with demons for over a millennium, ey is not happy about the peace and wishes for it to fail.

Sexuality - Asexual
Status - Single
Ex-Lovers - None.


When RPing with Raguel, please use the androgynous pronouns!

That would be:

ey instead of he/she
em instead of him/her
eir instead of his/her

Raguel is neither male nor female so gendered pronouns do not apply! Thank you!

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Aurora | 14 comments Basics
Name - Sariel
Name Meaning- Command of God
Gender - Male
Age- Ancient
Appearance Age- 27
Species - Archangel

Look -
Hair- Dark ash brown
Eyes- Dark brown, almost black
Height- 6'3
Build- Toned, with a strong back and shoulders (strong flyer)
Markings- Unmarked
Style- Prefers casual/smart-casual. Rarely wears suits or formal/businesswear
Face Claim- Unknown

Selfless blunt empathetic caring messy nosy immature affectionate zones-out neutral
Sariel is a caring and affectionate angel. He loves people - especially humans - and hates seeing others suffer, willing to do practically anything to lessen their suffering. However, if your name ticks in his mind, he will take away your pain, but he will refuse to heal you. It is God's decision to take your life, and he will not go against that, He doesn't sugarcoat things, however. If you are going to die, he will tell you first thing. He hates taking sides in an argument, since he's empathetic and can usually see the point of both sides. Sariel can be very immature sometimes. He likes to see happiness, and will joke around with you (unless it's a bad time, of course). He sticks his nose in everything, and is a mess, but he's a sweet friend to have.

✓ Humans
✓ Puzzles/Riddles
✓ Music
✗ Having to take a side in an argument
✗ Not knowing something
✗ Scared of being unwanted
✓ Pain Manipulation: Can transfer pain between anyone.
✓ Shapeshifting: Is good at shapeshifting into two forms - a dog or a bird.
✓ Comforts those in pain and/or dying
✗ Pain Manipulation: Can only transfer pain, not get rid of it. Doesn't like to see anyone in pain so almost always transfers it to himself.
✗ Has a mental list of who is born and who dies - it constantly ticks in his mind, and in some moments can drive him a little insane.
✗ In times when his mental list ticks a lot (lots of births and deaths in one moment), he zones out as he focuses on getting the list right. In this state, he can't focus on anything in the real world, and can barely move.
» Collecting objects he finds interesting
» Human-watching
» Doing puzzles/Riddles

Sariel has always had the ticking in his mind, but it took him quite a while to realise what it was. In his early life, he thought it was normal, that everyone had the ticking, and names whirling around in his mind. So he learned to ignore it.

When he finally asked, however, he learnt that it wasn't normal. He was the only one he knew that had names ticking in his mind - an ever growing, ever changing list of all who are born and all who die. He became more conscious of it then, and he also discovered another power of his. The power to control pain.

He'd experimented with this power, transferring his own pain onto others he didn't care for. When a pet of his had begun to die of a wound, he transferred its pain to himself. Through this, he finally understood what kind of pain he had given to others, and was disgusted by his actions. From then on he never gave his pain away, only took pain from others.

Sexuality- Heterosexual
Status- Single (OPEN)
Ex-Lovers- None.

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KT (queenlykt)

Name - Amitiel
Angel Of- Peace, Love, Truth, Understanding and Equality
Gender - Female
Age- One of the most ancient angels, barely younger than Michael.
Appearance Age- Early 20's.
Species - Archangel

Look -

Hair- Naturally a brilliant, firetruck red
Eyes- Bright green
Wings- Pure white
Height- 5'
Build- Petite, slender


Despite being a delicate seeming female, Amitiel is one of the most powerful angels. She's right up there with her brother Michael and Gabriel, and they know it. She receives a good amount of respect where ever she goes, which she doesn't always like. She's been close with Michael and Gabriel for all eternity, and she's the beautiful little sister they look out for. She's a sweet girl, always willing to help and always wanting to. But she's also super paranoid about demons, and terrified she'll crack like she almost did before.






✓Make anyone tell the truth
✓Make anyone understand another's position
✓Make people calmer
✓Make people attracted to each other (She can't exactly make them love each other, but she can definitely make them drawn to eachother)
✓Understand/speak any language (From Latin to dogs)
✗Demons (Terrified of them)
✗ Her siblings
Amitiel began as an Archangel under god, close in age to Micheal and Gabriel. A popular angel in heaven, she was one of a few with total respect for the hierarchy of Heaven. As expected, during the Fall they fought against Lucifer, defending their homeland. Stricken by the actions of the other Angels, her bond iwth her siblings only strengthened, even after the nation of Hell rose to rival Heaven. Trouble would remain out of their lives until the dawn of humanity, which proved to be the end.

She opposed the existence of man, knowing that they would ruin the peace she had worked so hard to achieve and keep. Enraged by their resistance, God ordered the Archangels to punish her for her disloyalty, a punishment far crueler than ever thought. They were dragged from their home and thrown before court, wings torn from their bodies. Riddled in pain, she pleaded with Michael and Gabriel to save her, but they were bound and helpless to help her. She figured it was almost over, however He needed to make an example for the other angels, and she was chained to the ground and burned alive.

But she couldn't die. She Fell and walked the earth as human for millennia, lost and alone for the first time in her life. But finally, God had gone missing and Michael was in charge. He found her and gave her her wings again, saving her like he had been unable to do long ago. But he couldn't fully save her. They both knew it would be foolish for his first act to be to counter God's Will.

She should have been in Heaven among her siblings. Instead she was in Purgatory—had been for eons. It was here that she battled for souls that still held the light within them, it was here that she tried to guide them away from the darkness so that they could pass to Heaven. And it was here that her strength was waning rapidly, darkness sickening her and causing her will to diminish into nearly nothing; paper-thin hope that she tried again and again to build up into a shield. She was so tired.

This is where she had her issues. A high ranking demon came to her, enticing her with sleep and the opportunity for all the souls to move into the light. She just had to do one thing- give him a child. Amitiel was so close to doing it, and therefor losing her wings and Falling- but Gabriel interrupted. She'd always been close to her brother, and he'd always loved her in return, luckily for her. He saved her from the decision, killing the demon and taking her from purgatory. For a long time she stayed in heaven, always watched by another Arch Angel, preferable Gabriel.

After a while though they have been trusting her more since it happened so long ago and she hasn’t done anything. So she has been given a task. It seemed that she wasn’t the only one who had come close to losing their wings. Raphael had almost lost his as well, being the Angel of understanding she understood why he did what it did and knew that it was a noble cause, But the other angels were not quite so understanding. Therefore she has been given the job to keep an eye on him without him knowing it. Which wasn’t really that hard since he was so focused on his job of watching his son and his sons growing family. He probably knew he was being watched anyway, she just doesn’t want to bother him or break his concentration so she kept out of sight knowing he would hate that he had a babysitter.

After a while she was allowed to leave Raphael and not be watched herself, Amitiel was still reluctant to leave heaven. She was afraid, scared that she would be tempted again and Fall. Demons always watch her, knowing that she almost cracked once and may yet if they can have another shot at her.

Sexuality- Bisexual
Status- Single
Ex-Lovers- None
»Helping the lost souls
»Helping hurt people find out the truth

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KT (queenlykt) Accepted :)

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