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Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream
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Calvin Roger | 9 comments This book is a very interesting book and id recommend you guys should read it. But overall this book is about a team in Texas in a town called Odessa. And In Texas football is a big thing especially high school football. One of the main characters is named Bobbie Miles. Boobieis a black athlete from the poor side of Odessa. Boobie can barely read but has been courted by major colleges and universities since he was a junior at Permian high. Booby had been in and out of foster homes for much of his childhood until he came to live with his uncle L.V. Miles. His uncle took Boobie under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of the game of football. As Boobie progressed, it became apparent that he had all the makings of a champion player. L.V. already had dreams of his nephew winning the Heisman Trophy one day. Sadly Boobie’s football dreams are threatened by a severe knee injury. Despite the need for arthroscopic surgery, Boobie is still intent on playing Midland Lee. The prologue then goes on to give us introductions to the other main players on the Permian team.

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Queen Kay (redlipstick__x) | 12 comments sounds cool, so did he know how to play football at all before his uncle taught him how. Also do you think that he will recover from his knee injury. I think most players always have one or two injuries when playing, and does he act a sertant way because of the living situations in the foster homes?

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