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Allegiant (Divergent, #3)
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message 1: by Valencia, Boss Lady (new)

Valencia (empowered) | 1777 comments Mod
Who has read this book? Would you recommend it? What is your opinion of the book? Was the plot any good? Was it predictable?

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 7 comments I enjoyed the first two in the series immensely and was planning to buy all three for my shelf (I only had them on kindle) until I read Allegiant. It did not live up to the promise of the first two and reeked of being a rush job. The plot did not make sense and seemed a lacklustre conclusion to the mystery of what was outside the fence. Most of it seemed forced and not organic and the ending was pitiful, and not just because of the fact that it had shock value. I would not waste my time reading it, if I was you. In fact, this book has tarnished the first two for me because it is the conclusion and resolution of all that happened in those books and now that I know the way it goes, it colours my opinion of them as well.

Wise Cat (wisecat) I agree with Lynne. It wasn't as good as the first two books, and at times I got confused as there seemed to be more than one rebellion going on. A lot more characters to follow, along with people changing sides at times.

The ending was sad too, as some people who deserved to die did not! Plus, the concept of genetics reminded me of Brave New World, which I loved. But I would have liked something more original as to why the factions were created....

Isaiah Mary | 3 comments Totally agree. I love the world concept. Alas, the author didn't think very well on how to end the work. So sad.

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