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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Hello:D

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Heey! So, what's this about, can you post the topic thingy? :)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments I'll post the request again:)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments {Anyone want to do an rp in these that will be used in doubles and detailed.}




Abusive Relationship
Kidnap Romance
Forbidden Romance
Werewolf and Vampire Romance
Love at First Sight Romance
Super Natural Romance
Medieval Romance
Gang Romance
Criminal Romance
Arranged Marriage
Invasion of Kingdom
Invasion of Earth

Based on Movies

Listen To Your Heart
Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Ocean's Eleven
Beautiful Creatures
Prom Night
Safe Haven

Based on Books

Harry Potter
Maximum Ride
Pretty Little Things
Pretty Little Liars

TV Shows

Pretty Little Liars
Criminal Minds


If I do not answer so quickly please message me. I'd like to do any of these with two characters each to be fair.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Okay, here was another: Anyone want to do a MxF with doubles or singles??

So, we could do a MxF with a forbidden romance, but spread it out so it lasts a while? :D

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Sure:)

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Right, I can't be bothered making a character profile. Just say their name, face claim and age:) You choose if you wanna be M or F:)

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Okay :) female If that is okay?

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Yep.

Name- Jack Howell
Age- 19
Face claim- Logan Lerman

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Name- Mercedes Cole
Age- 19
Face Claim- Shay Mitchell

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments You can start. Set it out how you want to, where are they situated?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments It's been a long time since Mercedes has been home. It's been a stressful move since she was packing all her stuff and still filming scenes on the hit television series Spy Force. That was the reason se moved from home in the first place, she auditioned and was granted the opportunity to be apart of the show. She was sixteen then now she's nineteen and the show is over she's moving back for college while he parents try to book her a new job. She hasn't been in Palm Beach, Florida for a while so it was a nice experience. But being rich means her parents are moving her into a gated rich community, she wished she could live at their old home. But when the money gets into your head it's obvious you cannot get anything you want.

"Mercedes we are here." Her parents told her as the car parked at the gated community hearing everyone outside screaming to get an autograph from her or her twin brother Tyrese who clearly loved the attention. "Unbelievable." Mercedes muttered something thinking the paprazzi was annoying but her fans were her great friends.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments "Mum, I don't care." Jack Howell spat out, opening a new tab on his laptop so his mother wouldn't see rude posts on tumblr. The people he followed weren't really reliable. Too many sexual posts. He didn't know why he didn't just unfollow them, maybe because secretly a part of him understood the posts and he wanted his blog to be the best it could be. He had 8,000 followers and was following only 500 blogs. Jack reckoned he had a good life. Famous on tumblr without anyone knowing who he was - at least, he hoped so.

"I do! You're nineteen and spend most of your days on your computer, creating new tabs all the time-" The laptop bleeped and Jack reluctantly pressed the top down, shutting it off and losing all the millions of fanfiction he had open, "-and I never get to spend time with you." Jack's mum sighed and leaned on the door frame. "Why don't you go outside, that girl from what's it called- Fry Sports?"

"Spy Force, mum.."

"That's the one. She's coming to Florida.. My friend, you know Gillian?" Jack nodded. "Well, she's just texted me to say that Mercedes Cole has just pulled up outside the community building!" Jack exhaled through his nose. "You don't sound too pleased! You watch the show, don't you?"

"When I was sixteen, mum.."

"Won't it be the same?" His mum persisted, wanting Jack to get out of the house and do something worthwhile with his time. Jack shook his head and swivelled back round to the computer. He looked out of his floor-to-ceiling window and saw flashes of light in the distance. He pushed the laptop lid back up and the screen turned white. "What are you doing, anyway?"

Looking at sexual posts and reblogging them on my own blog that has eight thousand followers, he thought to himself. "Homework," was Jack's actual reply.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes ignored her brother signing she got out of the car staring to act like a spoiled brat like everyone wants her to do. All her family wants her to do, even her agent. She got out smiling at her fans and went over to the doors signing autographs and taking pictures going with her brother inside. "I hate it when I have to act like a spoiled rich girl." She complained.

"It's all about the publicity Mercedes." Her dad told her giving her a water she drank some after opening it. "Yeah I know but it's not me I hate it." She sat down fixing her make up. "Stop complaining wannabe just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to pull us down with it." He said to her annoyed. "Shut it Ty." She finished her make up meeting her other costars talking to them ignoring her brother.

"I'm so glad that when we finish the press conferences I can walk around and just see my old home." Mercedes said to Adrianna and Monique. "You are so lucky, you can walk Around this place without a bodyguard, we have too." Monique complained. Hating it, "everything will be fine this place is great and it will be a great last few episodes before college starts." She explained to them really happy. She got in a selfie with them posting it on Instagram. finally home it feels great! #homesweethome

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments His mother left him and in came his dad. Jack didn't bother turning the screen off. His dad wasn't as soft as his mum, so Jack was okay with keeping tumblr on. He didn't turn round, just queued posts while his dad spoke to him. "You do need some fresh air, you know." Jack's dad told him. Jack's phone went off and he picked it up, turned it on and saw it was an Instagram notification. "You can't stay here-" He gestured to the computer, "-and occasionally pop down for food. It's unhealthy."

finally home it feels great! #homesweethome

"Yeah.. um, dad, I'm gonna go out." His dad didn't look happy. Just tired. "One of my friends asked if I want to meet them at the skatepark, I dunno why.. I can't skate."

"It'll be good for you. Go. I think I know the reason.."

Jack's eyes widened and he hastily logged off tumblr. "Thanks, dad." Jack's dad ran a hand through his hair and leaned on the door frame, just like his mum had done. "It's okay. Have fun with your friend." Jack smiled and swept his phone off the table and into his pocket with one smooth gesture. "I'm going out!" He called to his mum, fastening his Vans and out of the door before she could say bye.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes got dressed for the photo shoot in the building she just hoped she could see some of her old friends. Especially Jack it's been too long since she's seen him. He was her best friend when she wasn't doing the show then they lost touch because of all the drama and hardship for her. Now she can go to the community college with her old friends and some of her costars who chose to go to college here.

She was as glad for that since she could be friends with them and her old friends and no drama will stir. Hopefully, but she was confident about it. "Girls lets get you dressed for the photo shoot." Her agent announced. Mercedes went into the bathroom to dress into her set clothes fixing her hair and fixing some make up.

Once finished she went out and got ready for the photo shoot sitting in her seat getting the picture set up for the photo shoot. She sat with the rest of the cast getting the photos done before the building will be open for the fans. They would be filming their next episode in the park so everyone will get to see.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments ((I didn't think they were friends?? Jack was just making an excuse:P ))

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments ((I will have her talk about a different Jack.))

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments ((okie))

Jack walked to the skatepark just so that if his mum watched him out of the window, she'd probably believe that that's where he was going. The weather was cold and Jack regretted not bringing a hat with him. Digging his hands deeper into his pockets, he turned the corner onto the road where all the streets were.

He brought his phone out of his back trouser pocket and scrolled through his facebook feed. Nothing interesting, apart from the fact that he'd got a message from Emilee, asking him if he wanted to meet up. Jack checked when the message was sent - 11:43 am - and checked the time - 11:45 am - and sent a quick reply saying, yea, sure, on WayWorth Road x. A few seconds later she replied, saying, Coming now x. Jack looked up and sure enough, Emilee was there.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes got finished with all the pictures taking another one with her co stars and her annoying brother. Come check us out! We are shooting on at the park on Way Worth Road!:) After you guys can come and meet me and my costars hope I get to see all my amazing fans! She posted it and then went over to the scene getting ready talking to her agent.

She got into her position this scene was her character is trying to escape and spy force are trying to rescue her. They will reveal who the evil mastermind is they just wanted to wait until all fans were waiting and ready. She was so ready to get this done everyone knew her brother was the evil mastermind so it was going to cause drama in the show. She stood up in her position with one of her friends holding her since he was the one that is responsible for her character. She smiled when she saw her friend Jack Erickson it made her smile to see him it was her good friend.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments ((We can do it where they keep missing each other, like Mercedes is in one place then leaves, then Jack turns up at the place where she'd just been etc.?))

"Hey," Jack said, pushing his phone back into his pocket and hugging Emilee. "Want to go to the Mad Hatter?" The Mad Hatter was one of the most popular cafe shops in Florida. The cakes were expensive but if you just got hot chocolate and split the money on a cake, then you'd be able to have a pretty nice date. Not that Jack through that this was a date. No, he didn't think that.

"Sure," Emiliee replied, bringing her phone out and starting to text. "Just let me tell my mum, I don't have any money on me."
"Let me pay. All of it."
Emilee shook her head. "No, I couldn't let you do that!"
"It's fine, honestly." Jack insisted, already walking off Way Worth Road. "We can share a hot chocolate and a cake. My parents don't expect me back until later anyway."

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments ((That's a great idea!:)))

After a long scene of filming and doing autographs with fans and answering questions. Mercedes went with Monique and Adrianna they walked down the road with them passing Jack and Emilee on the opposite road going to the rainforest cafe. They greeted some of her old friends including Jack Erickson. "Monique, Adrianna, this is Jackie, Adam, Ashley, and Hallie." Jack was one of her best friends who's aka dating Adam.

"It's so nice to meet you guys, we have been looking forward to meet you." Monique smiled at them shaking their hands with Adrianna. "It's been so long we all need to catch up. We should have a sleepover." Jackie suggested really excited. "That sounds great. Where's Emilee?" Mercedes asked not seeing her other friend. "She's hanging out with a new boy in the town." Jackie told her. "Well that's okay. I'm just glad to know she's doing good. So should we eat?" She asked them. Going in with them to rainforest cafe.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Emilee's phone beeped, but she ignored it. Her friends would have to wait. After all, she wasn't able to be texting people all the time. It beeped again. Emilee rolled her eyes and cut a piece off her cake. The faint sound of music was coming from the Mad Hatter's speakers. Her phone beeped. Again. "Sorry, I'm going to have to take this," she apologized, picking up her phone and seeing what she'd missed. Jack looked up. Her face dropped. "I'm going to have to go.." Emilee muttered, picking up her bag and wrapping her scarf round her neck. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know this was going to happen. I'll pay for everything!"

Jack shook his head no. "You can't do that," he replied, standing up too. Emilee just stared at her phone screen. "I'm walking you home." Jack said firmly, like it was more of an order than a request. The girl with him just nodded and was already out of the door. Jack passed Mercedes and her group of friends without really looking up at them. His shoulder bashed into Jack's, but he didn't care. He just wanted to get Emilee home safe.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes went with her friends to the rainforest cafe sitting next to them once they got their table. She sent only two texts to Emilee saying. Sorry to bother you Em, just wanted to say Hi and that I'm holding a sleepover tonight at seven, hope you can come so we can catch up.:) Mercedes didn't realize she sent it twice.

Jack didn't even notice anyone bashing his shoulder nor did he care. He was just glad his friends were back together. He went over to them and sat at their table resting. She was really happy that things were going well right now. Things were great and they could catch up.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Emilee's phone buzzed again and she picked it up. Sorry to bother you Em.. She looked at the next message and saw that it had been sent twice. She typed out a quick reply saying, Sure. Hope I can come. Should I bring anything? x Emilee didn't think of Mercedes as someone famous. She did sometimes, but other times it just hurt her head to think like that. Her legs ached from walking home quickly all this way. Jack kept asking her what was wrong but she didn't say anything.

"You've got to tell me! I want to know what's up," was his reply whenever she said no. I've just got to get home. I have to get home. Everything will be alright when I'm home. I've just got to get there..

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes read Emilees reply and answered. you can bring whatever you want:) Also if you want to invite a friend over you can too. the one thing Mercedes loved about Emilee she didn't treat Mercedes like a famous girl. She treated her like a normal person regardless of her being on camera. That's what she loved of Emillee.

All of her friends treated her like a normal person not the brat reputation she has on stage. It made her feel normal to have normal friends and her fans over course. But being famous she didn't really care about she loved being herself. She ordered her food laughing at Jack when he was talking to one of the fake snakes in the rainforest cafe as a joke. Since he was going to become a comedian he does this all the time to anything he sees.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Emilee turned round. "Jack, there's nothing wrong!" She cried out, stopping on the pavement and looking into his eyes. Jack looked back at her, still not believing her completely. "I promise." Emiliee stood on her tiptoes and before he knew it, her mouth was touching his and then she disappeared and he was left stood in the cold.

What had just happened?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Mercedes talked to Jackie and Adam the two were so cute together. She smiled at her friends it was like everything was complete. She got her phone out and took selfies with them posting them on instagram tagging Emilee so she could be apart of them even though she wasn't there. Mercedes continued talking to them throughout lunch everything felt like home to them. She was so glad to be with them and hang out again.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Hey, can I join you all? must have missed you before. where are you? Em x

She didn't want to make a mess of things. Well, she couldn't really. Not after what had just happened. This was so ridiculous! Why did she have to have feelings for the wrong person? She didn't know, well, she did; she knew that she liked Adam but he was with Jackie and this was all getting too complicated for her and she just had to speak to someone.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 4923 comments Absolutely. We are at the rainforest cafe we just started eating. Cedes

Mercedes smiled at them getting up to go to the bathroom she fixed her make up. Before she went back and sat down seeing the appetizers are still out and really warm Emilee can make it in time and sit with them. "She's coming." She smiled at them really glad things were going to be okay.

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Mel (melsheard) | 638 comments Emilee went through the door of the cafe and found the group of people she would be meeting up with. "Hey, how are you all?" Her cheeks were pink from the cold weather outside. She wanted it to snow soon, but didn't know exactly when.

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