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The streets run through the city. On either side, there are apartment buildings (insulae). Made from wood, they often catch fire. On the ground floors of these buildings are often little shops. There are also townhouses here that belong to rich Romans.


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Jasper walked down one of the streets, glancing around herself at all the wooden tenements. Distantly, she could hear people trying to extinguish a fire in vain. It wasn't unusual, really. She had just gotten back from Pompeii on the day Vesuvius had erupted, so all in all, the screams weren't all that much of a concern to her.

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As Xavier walked past the men and the fire he stared at the flames. He had never been to Rome, so why wait? He shook his head and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he walked slower. He stared down at the ground. He had once wished he would live forever, now he wished he could just die.

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Jasper, not paying attention to where she was going, listened in to some of the people's conversations -- she had spent enough time in Rome to be fluent in Latin. She bumped into someone and snapped, "Mehercule!" Of course, that was sort of the equivalent of "My God!" and was only supposed to be used by men. She glanced at the person and realized he seemed as out of place as she.

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Xavier stumbled back and stared at the girl in front of him. He hadn't taken the time to learn Latin so he, of course, had no idea what she had said. He opened his mouth to speak, but he had no words. How was he supposed to talk to anyone? He hadn't really considered talking to anyone. He usually didn't converse with other people. She looked out of place, like she wasn't meant to be there.

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"Time Thief?" Jasper asked, seeing if English was his spoken language. She had noticed his blank look at her Latin expression. She took a swig of some alcohol she had bought from elsewhere under the guise of being a foreigner and male (since women weren't supposed to be unescorted); she was entirely positive that she had been charged more than the alcohol was worth, but she didn't care.

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He wasn't sure if he should be honest or not. He nodded as he looked at the alcohol then back at her. "Are you?" he asks as he glances behind him. He pulls a hand out of his pocket rubbing the back of his neck. He knew he looked out of place, but he never thought he would meet another time thief.

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Jasper nodded. "How else would I know what a Time Thief is?" she pointed out. "Besides, I don't exactly look local, do I?" She took a deep breath and then another swig of her alcohol. She crossed her arms.

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"I knew of time thieves before I was one, but that's beside the point." he said as he stuffed his hand back into his pocket. "I guess not, but you could have always been a tourist." he joked as he watched her. Xavier sighed as he looked toward the sky.

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"Because I look like I belong in some sexist culture," Jasper commented dryly, gesturing to her outfit. "Besides, the eyes always give it away." All time thieves did look like they had clocks in their eyes, after all." She smiled.

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Xavier smirked, "People don't tend to notice if you wear colored contacts." He always wore colored contacts, people thought he was a freak if he didn't, witch he was. "What's your name?" he asks as he looks into her eyes. He liked to look at time thieves eyes, to compare them to his. Other than she was the first time thief he had met other than himself.

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Jasper snorted at his comment on contact lenses. "Jasper," Jasper replied, not bothering to tell him her full name. "You?" She ran a hand through her short hair. "When are you from?"

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"Xavier, and the....22nd century. How bout you?" He asked as he leaned against a wall. He took out the contacts putting them in his pocket.

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"51st," Jasper answered cheerily. She leaned against the wall next to Xavier. "How old are you really then?" She glanced around herself, feeling like she was home for the first time in weeks.

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"Well....I was nineteen when this all happened.... So 33 I think. Yes, I'm young I know." he said as he looked over at her. "You'd be definitely older than 100.... Probably some where close to 300 to 400. Am I right?"

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"You would have been closer if you'd left it at 'older than 100'. As far as I've bothered to count, I'm more or less 132," Jasper answered with a shrug. "Still pretty young, actually."

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"Hmmm... Well Jasper what do you say you show me around. Since you are clearly more educated in Ancient Roman things than I am" he said as he began walking.

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"I've spent most of my time here," she answered with a shrug. She glanced around. "Perhaps we ought to go to the Roman Forum." She took a sip of her alcohol. "Shit," she muttered, realizing the flask was now empty. "Goddamn it! We're getting more alcohol on the way."

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"What ever." he said as he followed her since he was lost and wasn't afraid to admit it. He shook his head not because of her, but because of the alcohol. He had never liked it, although he had tried it a few times. He chose not to judge though and in the end he really didn't care.

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Jasper grimaced and led the way towards the Roman Forum. Before they got there, however, she saw that there was alcohol offered in one of the shops on the lowest floor of a tenement. After getting in a heated debate on whether she could get alcohol, she managed to get the alcohol for much more than it was worth. She took a satisfied sip, smirking.

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Xavier rolled his eyes as they argued over the price and the matter of if she was allowed to buy it. "Why don't you just steal it? Even if you do get charged all you have to do is time jump (as he calls it) to a different time period and then back. POOF! No longer in jail." he asked as he walked toward her. He spoke quietly as so nobody over heard them, if they could understand them that is.

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"I like the arguing," Jasper answered, shrugging. "I got into fights all the time back before you know." She took a long sip. "Call it a character flaw." She mimed punching a person and then did a karate kick to prove her point. "And no one speaks English here. It's all Latin. Besides, English as we know it won't be around until well after the Norman Invasion. Hell, not even Old English properly exists!"

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X smirks as he watches her mimic fighting with someone. He was debating on whether or not she was drunk. Could time thieves get drunk? They probably could.... He shook his head as he looked to the sky in boredom.

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"It was how I turned, actually," Jasper said. "A bit much pow pow on the right person and POOF! 'Course, I was high on drugs that didn't even exist in your time and didn't even notice until later when I was grumbling about how the uni wasn't sponsoring me anymore 'cause of my less than construcrive behaivor. I was thinking about how if I could go see the Battle of Zama or something and the uni'd take me back. Next thing I know, I'm actuallt there and Carthage is burning around me. I get captured to be sold as a slave. I start wishing I could warn myself when I first stared, and then suddenly, I'm there and having to duck to avoid past me. That was when I started figuring out the whole time travel thing." She was definitely a bit tipsy, or she would not have revealed any of that. She drank some more of her alchol. "How'd you start anyway?"

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"I met a man on the street. He promised me things, he was right though. A bit of argueing and he gave me a pill and i have him the money. I took the pill as he directed. I started to think it was fake. I wished I could go back and meet my mom and see my brother. Voolaa! I'm there back to when my mom gave birth to me and. .." he cut himself off not wanting to talk about the past. Not like Jasper or any one cared about his stupid sob story.

"But ya, I finally got the hang of the whole time travel thing. " he said as he bow his bands out of his face,.

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Jasper nodded. "Definitely confusing at first," she agreed. She took a breath and another sip. They were almost to the Roman Forum now. There was a person giving a speech from the Rostra. "See him?" she asked. "That's Julius Caesar." She smirked.

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Xavier looked up at Julius and nodded, "Cool." He shaded his eyes with his hand as he looked up at the Rostra. Jasper clearly knew history better than he did. That's why he stuck to the future time era's.

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Jasper glanced up at Caesar. "Let's stick to the back of the crowd, shall we? I got in an argument with him once, not long ago his time, and I'm easily recognized." She downed the rest of her drink and sighed. She listened to what Caesar was saying and started translating it for Xavier.

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Xavier nodded as he listened to Jasper and searched the crowd. He looked for a man in particular. He knew the man probably wouldn't be here, but he could try. He listened carefully to what kaiser was saying and blocked everything else out

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Jasper started looking around the Forum, getting bored with Caesar's speech. She cracked her knuckles and stretched. "I'm bored as fuck."

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Xavier leaned back. "I know. What to do...." he asked as he looked around the crowd then at Caesar. He yawned and cowed his arms closing his eyes.

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Jasper sighed. "I'd suggest my usual, but then you'd be bored or at the least beyond your element," she declared. She rubbed her eyes and muttered some curses in Caesar's direction before flicking him off.

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"And what would that be? "He asks as he looks up at Caesar. He folds his arms and smirks, he attempts to hear what Jasper said, altnough he fails. He cracks his neck as he waits for her to answer him.

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"Anthropology and taverns. If you don't think of something vaguely interesting to do, I'm off," Jasper said, not caring that she would be leaving the other Time Thief behind. At any rate, she was feeling uncomfortable being around the crowds and another person.

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"I don't really give a crap what we do. I have all the time in the world. " he said as he stood up straight. Even though he was still young he didn't really want to live forever. He might as well do something wroth someone that would not die on him.

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"Tavern it is then. I want to get drunk. Why aren't there 51st century drugs back here in Rome?" she said, the last part of her declaration more of an afterthought mumbled to herself. She glared at her empty flask.

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Xavier rolled his eyes about the drug comment. "Lead the way then. " he mumbled to her peeing behind him beige turning back to her. He sighed as he popped his back and then knuckles. He just wanted to leave the big crowd of people.

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((I continued in the Tavern))

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