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((Find someone to play 11 and RP!))

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grace ((K))

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grace Now 21 year old Grace walked out of the library.

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The Doctor ran past, trying to catch a shapeshifting alien. When he saw Grace, he immediately started scanning her. "Hello. Sorry. Just had to make sure you aren't a shapeshifting alien. You aren't, are you? That would be bad."

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grace "I don't think I am..." She answered looking at his clothes. Bowtie... Nice... Grace looked him up and down.

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The Doctor nodded, smiling slightly. He absently straightened his bowtie as if he had heard her thoughts. "So, what is your name?"

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grace "Pond, Grace Pond." She answered. She remembered meeting someone like him when she was little. "Do you have a blue police box?" She asked. "If so... I met you when I was young......" She said.

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"It's called the TARDIS," the Doctor explained. "That's good, very good. What happened?" He twirled his sonic and leaned down so he was closer to her height.

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grace "You crashed in my backyard." Grace answered looking at his sonic.

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"You'll have to be more specific," the Doctor said, gazing around them.

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grace "You crashed in my backyard, you came in and you said you were the doctor. My parents weren't home. I was alone. You asked for something to eat to. I looked in the fringe and I pulled out an apple. You said you didn't like apples. You looked in and you saw fish fingers and crusted." Grace took a breath. "You ate them which I thought was a bit weird. You told me that you were a time traveling time lord, you said you would come back. But you never did." Grace finished.

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"Still not ringing any bells," the Doctor lied, scanning the area again. "I'm missing something!"

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grace "The monster?" Grace asked. "It went that way." She said and pointed to the forest behind the library.

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The Doctor nodded and started to chase after it. His feet pounded against the ground.

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grace "Bye!" She shouted after him.

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The Doctor disappeared into the distance. A few hours later, he was running through the town when he encountered Grace again.

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grace Grace waved. "Hey Doctor." Grace said.

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The Doctor turned. "How did you know. . . ." He seemed to trail off when he recognized her. "Grace, wasn't it?"

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grace "Yeah." She answered.

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"Want to come with me?" the Doctor asked Grace.

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grace "Were?" Grace asked him with a small smile.

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"The entire universe, every time, every place. Want to see it?" the Doctor inquired.

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grace Grace eyes got wide. "Yes..." she said imagining everything.

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"Then, Grace, come with me to my TARDIS," the Doctor instructed.

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grace Grace nodded fast waiting for The Doctor to tell her were to go.

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The Doctor led the way to the TARDIS and opened the door so Grace could step inside.

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grace Grace looked inside. "Bigger on the inside...." grace said and stepped in.

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The Doctor grinned. "Time Lord science. Basically, I'm an alien."

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grace "Cool..." grace said and looked around. Taking in everything.

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The Doctor smirked. "So, what do you think?"

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grace "Its..... Awesome." She breathed.

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The Doctor nodded in satisfaction. The TARDIS had been his for centuries, and he was rather attached to it. It always felt like someone was complimenting him when they complimented his ship.

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grace Grace walked around taking in everything. "This is AMAZING!" Grace said. Grace looked at The Doctor. She smiled. "This is AWESOME!!" Grace clapped.

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The Doctor grinned. "Good. Now, all of time and space at our hands. Where would you like to go?" He circled the console and approached Grace. He hoped she would be okay with the danger that would surely find them.

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grace "Woah... So many choices.... I don't know. Any recommendations?" Grace asked. She had no clue where to go right now. So many choices!

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"Anywhere you've always wanted to go?" the Doctor asked while a grin spread further across his face and reached his eyes. "Somewhere fun. I've had enough death and destruction for a week."

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grace "Well, I've always wanted to o to a planet or something." Grace said in aw.

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The Doctor nodded. "Planet it is then!" He set the coordinates to the planet 21st century humans knew only as Tau Ceti e. In actuality, it was already inhabited, so he decided to stay in the current time. "Geronimo!" He pulled the final lever and the entire TARDIS shook.

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grace Grace gazed in aw as he made the TARDIS go.

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The TARDIS continued to shake until a moment later, it stopped. The Doctor frowned. "That's too fast! We can't be there yet!" He ran over to the console to look at the screens. He set the TARDIS to scan the exterior. The scanner was saying they were there already, but it made no sense.

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grace Grace walked to the door and looked out it. It was just the galaxy..... "Um... Doctor....?" She asked. "What happened I thought you said we were here...?" She asked and she looked back at him.

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"We're not!" the Doctor protested. It really had not taken long enough for them to get there, and it confused him. Something could not be wrong with his TARDIS! "Where are we?" he asked. He was generally worried for his ship, and not enough for their safety.

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grace Grace stuck her head out and put her feet on the edge. Something pulled her out. She screamed. But it didn't scream long. She was floating! Her hair floating behind her. But she was being pulled back. "DOCTOR!!!!" i scream.

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The Doctor took a moment to register her cry. "Pond?" he shouted when he did. He whirled around just in time to see her sucked out of the TARDIS. He could have sworn he saw a tractor beam. A tractor beam that looked strangely familiar. "Chula," he hissed.

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grace Grace screamed like a little girl. "DOCTOR!!! HELP ME!!!" She screamed.

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The Doctor was unable to get to her in time. He tried to grab her hand, but it was far, far too late. The Doctor hastened back to the console and began a scan for the Chula Warriors.

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Julia | 6611 comments Mod
((Elf has left this group. Would you like me to play 11 for you?))

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grace ((sure))
Grace was just floating there in the sky.

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