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Any good suggestions for UK legal fiction ?

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message 1: by Carl (new)

Carl (raskarl) Hi, I'm trying to find a few good legal thrillers to sink my teeth into. I've read 'Next to die' by Neil White and that was quite good to get started but just unsure where to go from here.
Perhaps a novel which is reminiscent of the series 'Silk' from the BBC?

message 2: by David (new)

David Cooper (davidcooperbooks) | 6 comments Hi Carl - excuse gratuitous blowing of own trumpet, but if a legal suspense centred upon a libel action in parallel with treacherous law firm internal politics is likely to fit the bill, can I be so bold as to recommend my own Hatred Ridicule & Contempt? Link below.

Otherwise, one recent work that I found surprisingly good was Jeffrey Archer's A Prisoner Of Birth (miscarriage of justice theme), and for crime themes where the legal element is present in the background it's worth looking at the Jessica Daniel series by Kerry Wilkinson, and Rubbernecker by Belinda Bauer.

message 3: by Carl (new)

Carl (raskarl) Thanks David. I will definitely take a look at those.

message 4: by Carl (new)

Carl (raskarl) A prisoner of birth is an excellent book, checked it out awhile back and loved every minute. Really engaging story.

message 5: by Scott (new)

Scott Lord Re UK legal thrillers, I love all of the Rumpole stories. Though not really thrillers, they give a surprisingly realistic view of the legal system. And, of course, they are very funny.

message 6: by Carl (new)

Carl (raskarl) Thanks Scott, I will check out that series of books. Have heard a bit about them. I know they used to be broadcast in audio format over the BBC. I have listened to one or two and do remember them as being humorous.

message 7: by David (new)

David Cooper (davidcooperbooks) | 6 comments I have now written and published another - "Craven Conflict". From my blogpost summary: -

"So what can a reader expect from my new legal fiction book Craven Conflict, now available on Kindle and soon to follow in paperback form on Createspace? Dirty tricks and skulduggery in the recruitment industry, for a start, as headhunter Karen Rutherford faces a massive threat to her business and her livelihood. The law proving itself initially, in that time honoured phrase, to be an ass (matter of opinion, of course, as her disloyal ex-colleague Wayne Avery and his dodgy lawyer Tony Wagstaff would have it). And let’s not forget the rock and the hard place, when Karen has to accept that if she goes the distance, a best forgotten episode from her private life might end up being broadcast far and wide....."

More via this link: -

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