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Ken (kensamcampo) :)

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Natalie (Thanks so much.)

The Roadhouse is a bar that serves as a central location for hunters. It was originally owned by Bill Harvelle, and is now currently operated by his wife Ellen and her daughter, Jo, and is a safe haven for hunters of all varieties.

Owners: Ellen Singer & Jo Harvelle

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Natalie Ellen was serving a couple of hunters a few drinks when she heard the phone rang. She finished pouring the drinks when she walked over and answered it.

"Hello? Harvelle Roadhouse."

"Hey Ellen, it's me."

She frowned at the sound of her husband's voice. "Now Bobby, don't be calling here to ask me to bring home some whiskey because you know I won't."

She heard Bobby scoff. "No, I'm call'n cuz of that dick Rufus. Apparently, the thing that Jo's hunting ain't no evil spirit and he don't know what it is."

"So he's coming here for help?"

"In 'bout 3 hours. Should I contact John and the boys?"

Ellen paused for a moment. "No. Let us see what Jo's hunting first. If she needs help, I'll contact the boys and ask them to stop by."

"Alright, I'll be there in a couple of hours."

Ellen smirked. "Don't be late."

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Natalie Ellen served the guests some more drinks when she went into the back and find Ash. Passed out on the floor near his computer with a beer in his hand.

She slightly kicked him. "Get up, boy. It's time to get to work."

Ash groaned. "Ugh. What time is it?"

Ellen sighed as she began picking up empty cans and glancing at them. "It's 7:38."

"In the morning?" Ash asked sluggishly.

"No. In the evening."

Ash yawned and stretched. "So what's the big assignment today Boss?"

Ellen tossed the empty cans at him. "Rufus and Bobby are on their way here to figure out Jo's case. It's not an evil spirit and we don't know what it is."

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
Eliot grew bored on the pile of trucks and made his way to the Harvelle Roadhouse, after knocking he made his way inside. Stopping at the bar.

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Natalie Ellen glanced over at the customer who entered in.

She finished wiping down the counter and started to clean some glasses. "So, what'll it be tonight?"

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"A beer, and a reccommendation on where to hunt next" He said, his southern accent strong.

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Natalie Ellen nodded and slid him a cold bottle of beer. The phone rang and she turned towards him.

"Excuse me for a moment." She turned and answered the phone.

"Bobby? What's-"

She nodded. "Uh huh. . . . Really? . . . Yeah, he's here in the back. . . . If she's fine with it. . . . Uh huh. . . . That many? . . . I think I can do that."

She looked at the clock. "Yeah."

She glanced at the new customer. "I think I can bring a extra hand. . . . Uh huh. . . . Sure. Okay. See you later. . . . Love you too. Bye."

She hung up and walked towards the hunter. "There's a hunt available involving two werewolf packs and about a group of 11 wendigo. Me and a couple of hunters are going to meet at my place to get ready for it. You in?"

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"Yeah I'm in" He said with a nod, then he stood,

((Derek Hale, Faith's crush/one of the Alpha werewolves is open for creation))

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Natalie Ellen smiled. "Excellent. Me and Ash are gonna take my car. Do you want the ride?"

She paused. "I didn't ask you for your name. Pardon me, what is your name?"

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"Eliot Spencer" he said running a hand through his hair.

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Natalie Ellen inwardly frowned. That name sounded familiar. She would have to ask Bobby about him later.

"Well I'm Ellen and the hungover fool in the back is Ash."

She walked to the back room and steadied Ash who was swaying on his feet. "Come one Ash. Let's go."

Ash walked ahead of her to the car as she turned to Eliot. "You wanna ride with us or follow?"

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
"Follow" Eliot said and walked over to his orange Challenger and climbed in before starting it.

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Natalie Ellen locked the bar and climbed in her car with Ash rubbing his forehead in the passenger seat. She started the car and drove towards her home.

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Eliot followed close behind Ellen's car. But not too close to cause an accident.

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