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Ken (kensamcampo) Residents: Bobby Singer, ect.

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Natalie (Awesome. Thank you so much)

Bobby and Ellen's home is like a second home to the Winchesters. It is also the one location that Sam and Dean always come back to. Their home is also considered a safe home.

Their Salvage Yard is an Auto shop where the Winchesters and other hunters sometimes come to repair their vehicles.

Owners: Bobby & Ellen Singer

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Natalie Bobby Singer was sitting on his desk when he was doing some research on a certain spirit that Jo and a couple of other hunters were after. He sipped his coffee and frowned as it tasted cold. He got up, dumped it in the sink, and opened the fridge in search for some beer. Nothing. He scowled to himself as he shut the fridge. Of course. He figured that Ellen would have him drink as little alcohol as possible. One of the first things she did when they got married was strip his stock of whiskey.

Bobby frowned as he settled for a glass of water. He was about to sit back at his desk when the phone rang. And so it begins. Bobby sighed and picked up the phone.

"Singer Auto Salvage Yard." He said.

"Hey Bobby, are you busy right now?"

Bobby inwardly groaned as he heard Rufus' voice through the phone.

"Rufus, ya idjit. Whaddya do this time?" Bobby growled.

"Hey listen, I was meeting up with Jo and her group of hunters and they found some strange things going on that don't match up to no evil spirit."

"You on your way here?"

"No." Bobby heard some rustling of paper in the background. "I'm heading to the Harvelle Roadhouse. I'm gonna try to see if I can meet up with Ash and any other hunter."

Bobby took a gulp of his water. "Want me to meet you guys there?"

"Yeah." Rufus agreed. "I'll be there in about 3 and a half hours."

"See ya there." Bobby replied as he and Rufus both hung the phone. He sat down at his desk for a few minutes before deciding to give Ellen a call to give her a heads up.

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Faith walked into the Salvage Yard and glanced around, the Sixteen year old was curious about who would be here at this time of night. She snuck around the cars and wreckages towards the office, avoiding traps and peered through an office window and spotted Bobby, She smiled and snuck around towards the back.

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Natalie Bobby was packing a lunch into his mini ice cooler. He tended to snack on long road trips. He gripped his bag of weapons and was about to head out when he froze. Someone was here.

Being a hunter for as long as he has allowed him to sense when others are nearby. He also had the feeling he was being watched. Every hunter knew this feeling and every hunter (with experience) was able to tell when they were not alone.

Bobby quickly shut off the lights and pulled out his rifle. He backed against the wall and slowly started to make his way to the door.

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Faith moved along the side of the house to the door, reaching it she knocked out a rhythem that she knew Bobby knew an that would let Bobby know that it was her.

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Natalie Bobby heard the knock and sighed as he turned the lights back on. He opened the door and let Faith in.

"Faith. Kinda late for evening visits ain't it?" He placed his rifle on the table and pulled out a water from the fridge. He offered it to Faith.

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"Sorry Bobby, I ran into something on a hunt of mine last week, well a few somethings" She said taking the water.

Eliot sat on top of a rusted out truck that sat on top of a pile of wreckage.

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Natalie Bobby nodded as he sat down. "Well, door's always open for ya. Day or night."

He frowned. "You came for help on a hunt?"

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"Group of Wendigo, plus I went through Boston on my way here and they have two Werewolf packs, the group of wendigo are a few miles from the last town I killed a few and injured others but, the group's too big to take on myself." Faith said.

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Natalie Bobby sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck. "You sure as hell have bad timing. Jo's having trouble on a hunt and me, Ellen, and Rufus were gonna lend her a hand."

He paused for a moment. Maybe he could . . .

"Have you called the Winchesters?"

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"No, I haven't, They don't even know me" Faith said to Bobby,

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Natalie "Hmm." Bobby pulled out his cell.

"I'm gonna have ta call Ellen about a change of plans. Hopefully Rufus hasn't gone too close. I'm gonna have him and Ellen come here. And I'll have Ellen bring Ash if she can."

He put the cell phone to his ear. "You said two werewolf packs? How many wendigo are in the wendigo group you're hunting?"

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"There were 13 I killed four of them and injured two." Faith said.

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Natalie Bobby nodded. "We're definitely gonna need their help. We'll probably need to gather more hunters. You know of anybody else?

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"I heard of one, I don't know him personlly though, he's kindof a legend, he's named Eliot Spencer" Faith said.

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Natalie Bobby shook his head. "Never heard of him."

He growled. "C'mon Rufus. Pick up."

He heard shuffling and then the dick's voice. "Bobby! The hell you doin'? I'm in town and you know that cops don't allow drivers on their phones! I've already had the law on my tail a couple of times and I don't need you lending a hand to get them back on my ass again."

"Save it Rufus." Bobby sneered. "It looks like we're gonna have to make a change of plans. Faith needs help on a hunt and from the looks of it, we're gonna need all the help we can get."

Rufus was silent for a moment. "Does Ellen know?"

"Not yet. I was gonna call her after you. I wanted to let you know so you can head to my place instead."

Rufus shrugged. "If Ellen's okay with it. I'll call Jo and see if she can handle waiting on her case. I'll let you guys know as soon I can."

Bobby hung up. Now Ellen.

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"I can help with your case when mine's done, and tell Ellen about Eliot." She said.

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Natalie Bobby hung up. "Well, from what Ellen said, there's someone at the roadhouse. It could be him."

He dialed his phone once again. Now the Winchesters.

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Faith shrugged before drinking her water, she stood up and headed over to the fridge to vet another.

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Natalie (Should we wait for the others?)

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((We're the only two online, and it took forever for even a response from you.))

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Natalie (Yeah, okay.)

Bobby frowned as Dean's phone sent him to voicemail. So they're not available.

"Well Dean's not answering, so we're gonna have to do this without 'um."

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Faith took two waters out of the fridge, she looked at Bobby curiously, so who do you think this other Hunter is?" She asked him.

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Natalie Bobby leaned back in his chair. "Don't know. But we'll seem him when Ellen comes homes." He looked up at the clock.

"She'll be here in half an hour at the most. So we'll have the two of us, Ellen, Ash, our mystery hunter, and Rufus. Not very many against a group of wendigos and two packs of werewolves."

He frowned as he thought about that statement. A group of wendigos. They are creatures of solitude and rarely join others. Let alone create a clan of some sorts. That just spelled strange.

"Faith, let me ask you something. Why are there wendigos in a group? That don't make a lick of sense. Wendigos are not the pack or clan type of monster. So why are they joining together?"

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"Don't know, maybe there's a new big bad in town, one that's powerful enough to make Wendigos go against their instincts" Faith said.

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Natalie Maybe, but that just didn't sit well with Bobby.

"Are the packs of werewolves behaving oddly? Or is it just the wendigos?"

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"Nah, the werewolves were acting pretty normal, I mean a fight broke out between the Alpha's but it was more of an arguement then anything else, but that was mainly because one Alpha trespassed on the others territory," She said smiling when she thoght of Derek Hale. One of the Alpha's.

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Natalie Bobby raised an eyebrow. Okay. So just the wendigos. But why? How? Bobby snorted when there were too many questions and no clue as of how to answer them. He prayed that Ellen would get home quickly.

(I got to go. I have to work.)

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Faith shrugged before she continued to think about Derek.

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Natalie Ellen drove up to her house and parked her car. Ash was feeling better and he got out of the car and made his way to the house. She picked up her bag of weapons from the car and headed inside.

Bobby's ears perked up as he heard Ellen's car pull up. "Sounds like Ellen's here."

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Eliot pulled up behind Ellen before climbing out of his car too. He followed them up to Bobby's.

Faith nodded and leaned against the table.

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Natalie Ellen walked into the house. She motioned to the man behind her.

"Everyone, this is Eliot Spencer."

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Faith looked at Eliot and ducked, letting her hair hide her face.

Eliot nodded respectfully.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Dean drove up to the auto salvage yard, without Sam. It was pretty rare that Dean did something like this, but he had no damned idea where Sam was at the moment.

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Faith sat up straighter hearing an engine outside.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Dean got out of the impala after parking it next to Ellen's car. The Impala hadn't changed much. Dean entered the house. He would deal with Sam later.

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Faith spotted Dean and took a step closer to Bobby.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Dean smiled at Bobby and Ellen. He'd known them for, well it was actually hard to say how long because Bobby was like a second father to Dean and Sam.

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Eliot spotted Dean Winchester and the way he acted around Ellen and Bobby and leaned against the wall nearest the door, the sleeve of his shirt rode up a bit to reveal part of a nasty scar that he'd recieved a few years ago.

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Ken (kensamcampo) " Whose the new dude? " Dean asked Ellen. Dean was wondering what this new guy was even doing here and who he was. With still no sign of Sammy, it was hard not to think about the new guy.

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Eliot looked at Dean his Ice blue eyes flashing a little, he knew that Dean was in fact wondering if he was a threat, "You can call me Eliot" He said.

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Ken (kensamcampo) " Dean Winchester. Though from the looks of it I can guess you already damn knew that. Winchesters are pretty damn famous around these parts if you ask me. " Dean said, introducing himself and seeing that Eliot was not a threat after all it was good to see another Hunter willing to help.

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((I edited Eliot's age, now he's 38))

"Yeah, I've heard of you, and your brother," he said with a nod.

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Ken (kensamcampo) (( ok ))

" Good someone has around these parts besides Ellen and Bobby. As for Sammy, he's not here now though. Damned lil bro thinks he can just up an vanish again. " Dean responded. " So, what exactly is going on with this thing Jo's been after? Do you know? Cause I was already abandoning 2 hunts for this, which makes the job damn right confusing half the time. "

Jane Isles-Rizzoli | 3 comments Mod
"Damned large group of Wendigo is what, damned creatures" Eliot growled.

Faith looked at Dean

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Ken (kensamcampo) " Any idea why they'd be up here in this big of a shitin pack? I've come across them once and a while, but a group this fucking big. What did she even think she was getting herself into? " Dean said and then he looked at Faith. " Hi " Dean said to Faith, dropping the whole cursing stuff for a bit to say Hi to someone.

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"They were going after a bunch of kids that's what I was thinking" Faith said stepping towards Dean.

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Ken (kensamcampo) " It's a start. Mackenzie Kenton...oh damned shit. I left her alone for one minute and now she's probably gotten herself back in the clutches of those bastard Wendigos. By now they probably have her and her brother I figure. " Dean replied to Faith about the reason and then started talking about a girl he had been training to be a hunter and her sibling that he'd been watching over

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Faith rolled her eyes "I got the kids away, I came for help though because there are so many" Faith said.

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