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message 1: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Idk how useful this discussion thread will be but it could be a place to discuss and flag up any new hip-hop releases. Run the Jewels 2 dropped 3 days early and it bangs like an absolute beast; the beats are crisper, the bass heavier, and the braggadocio even more exaggerated. Probably my favourite hip hop release of the year (though Pinata by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib is also very good)

message 2: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
Sounds useful. I heard it leaked, but I still didn't download it. Thanks for the heads up, I am a fan!!

My favorite realease of the year was Sage Francis Copper Gone, blew me away.

message 3: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Haven't listened to that one, will try and do so over the next couple days. Haven't listened to Sage Francis at all but am doing research now and he seems really interesting.

message 4: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
He is, if you're into the whole emotional lyrical rapper, plus he is skilled as f***, his flow is insane. He's the man =)

message 5: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Just finished listening, really impressed by him. Will require more listens to pick up more of the lyrics but what I heard was superb. Thanks a lot for the recommendation!

message 6: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
so happy to hear that. he is amazing. been listening since 2004. he has never disappointed me, very solid artist :)

this should be a great thread! sometimes its so hard to keep up with the releases, specially when they come from new underground rappers not many people know

message 7: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments It's not a new release but it fits into hip-hop news. On Wednesday night the Mercury Prize was awarded to Scottish hip hop act Young Fathers. I have been following Young Fathers for about 2 years now and to see the prize awarded to them was a surprise but I am unbelievably happy. Their album 'Dead' is one of my favourites of the year.

message 8: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
Thanks a lot for this news, Theo. I was unaware of this group's existence. Thanks to this post I'll have new quality material to check out! Looking forward to this.

Keep on postin'.

message 9: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Mykki Blanco's mixtape 'Gay Dog Food' dropped a few days back. I have listened to it a couple times and like it a lot. THe beats are really great and feel like a wall of sound. Very important contributor to the queer rap movement too. The mixtape is free from the Mykki Blanco site, I would recommend it but it may be worth checking out a song or two beforehand.

message 10: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
Thank you, all for the same rights! Definitely going to check out, no hesitation.

The new EP by Tonedeff is insane. He's always been a favorite of mine, this EP explains why. His amazing lyricism and flow leave me speechless. He's on top of the game for me, and he's underground as fuck, deserves way more credit.

Available here for free (name your price) http://tonedeff.bandcamp.com/album/hu...

All lyrics available also, I will never stop supporting.

message 11: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments This Tonedeff guy is really cool. I'll need a few more listens to get everything but I was left very impressed.

Hail Mary Mallon (Aesop Rock & Rob Sonic) have released their new album 'Bestiary' and have put the entire thing on Youtube as a single stream which is cool.


Rob Sonic is a good producer and the two have a good chemistry.

message 12: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
I looooove aesop, that weird intelligent sob. This is going to bang hard. The first hail mary mallon sure did!

message 13: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments It is good that you like Young Fathers! Britain has a pretty pitiful hip-hop scene and they are our only decent proponents currently imho.

message 14: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Been a while since I was active on here at all. I listened to the new Kendrick album and it was far jazzier than I expected. Still absolutely awesome but I need more listens to judge where it falls in terms of his other albums. The Blacker The Berry and Mortal Man were my favourite tracks.

message 15: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
Ive been hooked on an Oddisee mixtape that's been on replay non stop.

As for Kendrick, I saw the links dropping, but I wasn't the biggest of fans of his album. I think it was highly overrated, but Ill have to check it out eventually, and of course the jazzier the better.

message 16: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 3 comments Hello random internet friends. I was told by this groups description that I "belong in here". Any love for the rappers Eyedea and Sadistik?

message 17: by Mafalda (new)

Mafalda | 15 comments Mod
I loveeeeeee Eyedea, and Im also a fan of Sadistiks.
Eyedea is one of my favorites. he really put his heart into the craft. he was remarkable, great men reyep!

message 18: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 3 comments In that case I do seem to fit in.

message 19: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments I am a fan of Eyedea but have not listened to Sadistik, will rectify that.

message 20: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments The final Death Grips album dropped and it bangs absolutely

message 21: by Dammy (new)

Dammy | 1 comments all time favourite rappers anyone?

message 22: by timothy (new)

timothy (hawksfan12) | 1 comments tyga, and kendrick lamar

message 23: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Favourite rapper is probably El-P

message 24: by Alexander (new)

Alexander | 3 comments Company Flow - Patriotism comes to mind when you say El-P. Stepfather Factory is one of my absolute favourites by him and his production is amazing.

Currently I'm appreciating the work of Camu Tao. Check out Mhz - Magnetics ... he had an amazing style.

Aesop Rock... He's a regular Shakepeare.

message 25: by Theo (new)

Theo | 14 comments Absolutely cracking taste. I like most people who have been affiliated with Def Jux. I have been liking Mick Jenkins a lot recently as well.

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