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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Perhaps we could also discuss the pros and cons of different forms of protest?

I know that different people feel led to protest in different ways, which may be a result of what they have experienced up until now.

The main clincher i feel is media representation. The mainstream media often seems to be willing to protray protests in a way that either:

They dont cover it at all.

They cover it with bias, maybe to minimise the impact of the protest or to do so with bias against the protesters.

They make it look like the protesters are just a bunch of crazy silly people.

They highlight "rogue" elements or focus on "negative" aspects of it. (this in turn could lead to the issue of government or other agents infiltrating the protest to incite violence for example to discredit the legitimate protesters)

I would also like to discuss the different forms of protest:

Peaceful and utterly non resistance.

Peaceful but with non compliance.

Peaceful civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience with non compliance.

Direct Action

Violent Protest and resistance.

Any other forms?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

i've already stated my opinion
while i appreciate the passion sparky you're off your nut
ghandi, martin not bobby sands and leonard pelletier
and it's fairly pointless to project past experience on this forum-there's 9 of us on a bookclub site
i heard on the news last night about a protest in my city
it got coverage after not before so i didn't know to go
i would address this
link with local anti-war groups
get the word out

civil disobedience is ineffective in today's day and age
our biggest problem is that no one cares
how do we get people to care?

message 3: by Tim (last edited Mar 17, 2008 05:36AM) (new)

Tim Maureen ye are right that people dont seem to care. The other problem is that laws are being made that make even peaceful protest an act of civil disobedience..

This wee article shows example:

"Standing in front of the White House, David Goodner and a group of 20 Iowans unfurl a banner declaring “God forgive America” and begin to read Sermon on the Mount. Police seal off the area, move in and arrest them for protesting without a license.0302 01

That 2006 episode was the first of four civil disobedience arrests for the 27-year-old University of Iowa senior, including twice in Sen. Charles Grassley’s office for refusing to leave and once in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Des Moines campaign office. While he is not proud of it, the City High alum says he is not ashamed, either.

“To me, the war in Iraq is the biggest criminally wrong human rights violation in the world today. It’s a symptom of the larger disease of capitalism,” Goodner said. “I thought if people are fighting and dying in Iraq, the least I could do is take a stand, even if it is just symbolic.”"

I know where Sparky is coming from. When there is a fascist shift in government I do not know that any form of protest other than armed revolt will overthrow it. That also requires citizens to not be apathetic or cowed however.

When gov "allows" protests knowing that it wont make any real difference - one certainly must ask oneself what the point is..

Many say that it was only when the National Guard shot and killed those students protesting in Kent State Uni back in 1970, that opinion began to truly change re US war in Vietnam. I could be wrong, but that is what i hear.

I am reading "The End of America" at the moment - well worth a read. For all patriotic Americans and indeed anyone who cares for their society outside themselves.

I think people only will care when they realise the extent of the problem and that it WILL effect their safe little lives at some point. Thoughout history it seems however that the majority will never rise up. That they will look out for number 1. Capitalism almost ensures that. The sense of too much too loose. Sadly.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

we need a merry prankster or two or three, writer, musician, celebrity ? with a rapier wit and a fire proof life
someone others will spark off
there is a mass that is created
Hippies were totally different humans
perhaps my problem with the new hippies is they are not anything new
and the children were lost lost lost
and the parents realized that they were lost lost lost
the police state was crystalized in that moment and in the civil rights abuses
good people couldn't help but to speak out
maybe there are no good people left
or so few to matter?

jesus is probably the only saviour we can count on in these end times

what would jesus do indeed

where have all the good people gone?

just thinking and typing

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