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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Name: Vanessa "Nessa" Avaline Simonis
Age: 21
Nationality: Romanian

Height: 5'8"
Personality Traits: competitive; conceited; confident; disorganized; dramatic; stubborn
History: With Nessa's talent her parents were always throwing her into sports, which she hated, no matter how good she was at any of them the coaches normally didn't let her play all that much because they didn't want the other students to feels inadequate. In high school she fell in with a crowd that had a habit sticking their noses in business that was most definitely not their own. After three arrests before the age of sixteen her parents pulled her out of public school and sent her to a boarding school in London, England, the only reason they hadn't sent her to private school for all of high school was because she had begged them not to. After packing her bags and moving from her home country to one she'd never even visited she expected her life to take a turn for the worst. Her parents expected her to lost contact with her old friends and make well-behaved new ones, but instead she became the leader of a ragtag group that made it their goal to make the entire student body afraid of them, and afraid to let any of the teachers know what they were up to. She graduated very close to the bottom of her class because of her attitude and blatant disregard for authority, she was clever and fairly smart, but didn't care enough to actually do her school work. After high school she moved in the her boyfriend, who actually thought he could become a controlling and slightly abusive dominant partner, his mistake of course. The first time he tried to hit her she through him off their fourth story apartment balcony and has been on the run for murder ever since.
Ability: Hyperkinetic - Her mind's imaging system and muscle control are perfectly in sync with her motor skills, giving her perfect aim, balance and enhanced motor skills.

Name: Takumi Kato
Age: 23
Nationality: Japanese

Height: 5'5"
Personality Traits: lazy; optimistic; relaxed; awkward
History: Takumi didn't learn how to talk until he was seven years old, or really he refused to talk until then, since he did actually know ho he just didn't feel the need to. When his little sister, Kumiko, was born he began talking out of the blue as if he'd been doing it for years, which came as quite a surprise to his parents. All through his child hood he seemed distant, as if he was always distracted, at twelve he revealed that it was because he was always distracted, he had so much more going on in his mind than that of a normal child. He could see and hear things that weren't there, and use a computer or cellphone without even being near it them, he explained it was like a screen was sitting in front of him that no one else could see. Most just thought he was crazy, including his parents most of the time, but Kumiko and her best friend Ren believed every word he said. At first in high school he was at the bottom of every class, since he was bored with what his classes were learning, but once his teachers figured out what to challenge him with he quickly climbed to the top. He graduated number one in his class, getting a full ride scholarship in computer programming, but he soon was kicked out of university when he was found to be hacking into companies and sending his struggling parents money. After spending a year in jail he decided that the job was worth it, and though he didn't keep in touch with his parents he did make sure a check was delivered to them each month, and they never questioned where it was coming from. He did however keep contact with his sister, now sixteen, and as long as she keeps it a secret from their parents he'll make sure they never lose touch.
Ability: Transducer - He can intercept and see electromagnetic wavelengths in the air, he also has the power to control almost any electronic device with just a touch.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 563 comments Name: Mercedes Cole
Age: 20


History: Mercedes was born in a good family but when her parents died in a car crash Mercedes was the only one to survive. She was the only one able to survive after crumpling the car before it killed her. The collision was three cars smashing into her and her parents car it almost broke her. She dealt with pain and memories now she has a scar from the top right side of her forehead all the way down to her waist. She discovered her power during so many tragic events. IT made her so happy that things were helping her.
Ability: Manipulation of Metal


Name: Brent Oliver
Age: 21

History: Brent lost his family when he was nine. He grew up to be like his family painfully shy and unable to see any good in any evil. When he was sixteen going on a road trip with his uncle he almost drowned with his cousin but teleported back out of the water before he could have died. he learned how to control his power and do all good with it.
Ability: Teleporter

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments After about three hours of sleep Nessa rolled out of the her bed and and sat cross-legged on the floor for a few minutes, trying to the sleepy spots to leave her vision. She muttered something in Romanian before pushing herself to her feet and heading off out of the office area she'd claimed as her bedroom. She walked into the large room that was cleared of what used to be cubicles, beginning to knock on other doors as she passed. "Come on lovelies! Up!" She said loudly as she entered a former break room that they used as a kitchen. The group had started renting the top floor of the closed six story office building about a year ago, though no one actually knew they lived there since part of the under the table deal was that no one would bother them.

Takumi heard the knock on his door through his headphones and glanced up through the cracked blinds on the office window of his room, watching his white haired friend walk by in sweats. "I'm up Nes, I'll be out in a minute." His voice was only loud enough to be heard through the door as he slipped his headphones off and saved the document he was working on. He grabbed his phone off the table beside his bed and opened the door, still in pajamas he followed Nessa into the kitchen.

"I managed to get past the firewalls for that-" Takumi started, but Vanessa interrupted him with a wave of her hand and said "Stop right there love, remember I don't get all your technical stuff." he gave her a smirk and shook his head, "Sorry, I'm in Vedram's system whenever we decide to do that job, I'll be able to stay in for probably a week before they realize I'm there." She smiled back and gave him a thumbs up, "Good, we'll talk to the others about that today, I don't think we have anything else to do this week." she shrugged and plugged in the coffee pot, pouring water into the back and fixing the grounds in the top.
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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 563 comments (view spoiler)

Mercedes groaned hearing Ness knock on her door, groaning she got up and pulled her hair back into a messy bun. She always got home late after work and stupid people asking her out. She went into the bathroom washing her face trying to wake up fully. "Why did you have to wake me?" She asked Ness after managing to get out of her room her eyes still barely open and her head pounding from a headache. She leaned into the wall trying to fall back asleep even thought it won't be so good at all.

Brent was already fully awake after a good shower he got dressed hearing Nessa. "Coming." He called out and finished dressing into a pair of sweats and a shirt going out to them. "Morning." He said to them hearing Mercedes groaning. "She got home really late." He warned them hearing her come out and her eyes still closed as if she didn't get any sleep. He didn't say anything to her just to get her mad since it causes a lot of problem.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Takumi chuckled grabbed a box of frosted flakes out of cabinet and a bowl that he assumed was clean off of the counter. "She comes home late a lot, that doesn't keep Nes from messing with her." he shook his head and poured the cereal into the bowl, rolling his eyes at all three of the others. He grabbed a jug of milk out of the stained white refrigerator and took off the lid, smelling it before pouring some into his bowl. He swiped a spoon out of the jumbled silverware drawer and landed in a chair around their rectangular table. "I've had six hours of sleep in the last forty eight, so you all lose." He gave a small grin and slipped his phone out of his pocket, setting it on the table next to his food and clicking around on the screen absently.
Once the coffee was finished brewing Nessa poured some of the black liquid into a chipped mug and sat down next to Takumi, "We're ready for the Vedram job, that Egyptian thing they just imported better be ours and on the black market within two weeks." she said, sipping the hot drink between her hands.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 563 comments "Really six hours for the past three weeks, I came home at five and wake up at seven. I have less sleep then you." She said to her sitting down Brent gave her a mug of coffee to wake her up. "So when do we start the Vedram job?" She asked them paying attention thought her eyes were still closed. She was really tired and mad that she was woken up.

"I'm going to start locking the door so you can sleep on the couch and wake up with a bit more sleep." Brent said to Mercedes getting hit by her. "If it's not they will just cause themselves trouble." He sat back not hungry nor thirsty.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 320 comments Takumi pointed at Mercedes with his spoon without looking up an said with his mouth full of food, "I said forty eight hours, not twenty four." his words were muffled, but still probably understandable, a bit. "Shut it Computer Boy everyone knows you go days without sleeping, but I swear if you screw up this job dozing off like you did last month I'm locking you in a box the size postage stamp." Without another word Nessa reached behind her to a shelf and brought over the building schematics of Vedram's main branch, which was just a few blocks away, "We should start today, and if any of you have any work related excuses you better squash them now because this work is much more important than whatever the hell you do." Takumi laughed quietly, but didn't comment, this was his job, the only other thing he did to earn money was trick big name corporations into unsealing they're pocket books for just long enough to steal money right from under their noses, all from the safety of his own room of course. She took city map from the same shelf and set it out next to the other roll of paper she'd already spread out. "Today we're just doing surveillance work, which means the three of us need to be here-" she pointed to a high end hotel across the street and continued, "I already have a room booked for us to use, top floor, we can see the whole front of the building." she moved her hand back over to the blueprints and ran a finger across the top floor, "Our artifact is on display in the CEO's office right now, easily visible from the room I chose, we need to figure out what time who will be where and when our opening to grab it will be."

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 563 comments "Does it really make a difference?" She said to Takumi relieved that Nessa finally shut him up. "What about the guards that watch it at night? They are more highly advanced people then other jobs. There might be a possibility that we might have to use force and combat on them to get this artifact." Mercedes may have been working as a secretary but her past proves she knows what she is talking about. Especially since she was a cat burglar and a blender. "But other then that it seems pretty clear, security just needs to be up and ready when we go to the hotel and look over everything." Brent said to them seeing that tension was always driving him crazy he needed to be calm as much as any of them did. He didn't have any work that could disturb them at all so it was easier to get the job done.

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