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ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Hi hi do you want to be vampire or the werewolf?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Hi:) I'm so sorry I never saw the thread. I don't mind which one I am.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments It's ok sorry I fell asleep. Umm I can be werewolf. Can I be the girl?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments It's okay same with me. Sure you can be were wolf. Is it possible if we can do two characters each to be fair with genders?

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sure mine both werewolves and yours both vampires?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Sure:D

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Ok I'm going to do a short bio if ya don't mind.

Name: Sara
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Personality: She is a nice girl and although she is single she is very flirty, and loves to have fun. She acts like warrior thanks to her wolf, but they both usually agree on the same things.
Appearance: Blue hair, fair skin, skinny, and she is average height. Her eyes are a light blue.
Background: There isn't much to tell since her and her brother were orphans and grew up in a regular home until they were teens and found out their parents were wolves and they ran away afraid they would hurt their children. Sara and her brother ran away from the home afraid of loosing control.

Name: Zack
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Personality: Zack is the total opposite of his sister. He is nice, but he is very protective of his sister, and gets angry at her easily because of the choices she makes. He is almost a father figure to her so if she ever got into trouble he would be right by her side.
Appearance: He has black hair, and is much taller then his sister. His eyes are a golden color as well and his skin basically is the same.
Background: Same as his sisters.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Okay I'll try to post mine soon.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Ok. After you post yours do you want me to start?

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Yes please:)

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Ok. :) I mean it doesn't have to be as long as mine.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments I won't I'm almost done:)

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Ok. :)

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Name: Mercedes Cole
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Personality: Shes a quiet, Fierce, and seductive kind of girl. Very protective of her friends and loyal.
Appearance: Long Dark Curly Brown Hair, piercing blue eyes, a fierce looking face, athletic build, has a long permanent dark scar on her forehead down to her waist and 4'9
Background: Mercedes was murdered when she was nineteen. After being raped and killed by a serial killer she was saved by Brent. Even though they didn't know each other at first they became friends learning how to survive.
Name: Brent Oliver
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Single
Personality: He is a very different kind of guy that hides himself. He is very mysterious and strong willed. He doesn't like to show his true emotions because they cause him more pain. He has a bad temper that can't be controlled.
Appearance: Dark short cropped brown hair, dark brown eyes, an athletic thick build, and 5'9
Background: Brent lost his life when he was eighteen. His family deserted him when he was younger, he was supposed to die in a car accident but was changed into a vampire. When he was changed he became the most secretive and mysterious.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara ran through the forest her wolf was a creamy white color with a blue star across her left eye and streaks of grey mixed into her coat.

Zack was far away from Sara, and growled knowing she wasn't near him. His wolf was jet black and taller then his sisters.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Mercedes was sitting in a tree after feeding watching Brent still trying to catch a rabbit after he fed. He always liked to run at his human speed to catch a rabbit. She rolled her eyes when he tripped. "You are not going to catch it." She said to him rolling eyes.

Brent was running after a small white rabbit in his human speed. Running after it just playing around bored. Hearing Mercedes laugh when he ran into a tree. "That's not funny." He told her not happy she laughed at him.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara picked up a scent of a rabbit, and quickly turned left. She rolled her eyes seeing that her brother wasn't keeping up. Slow poke she muttered.

Zack growled hearing her comment, and sped up his speed soon smelling the rabbit as well.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Mercedes smelled a scent jumping down from the tree. She looked for a direction of where it was coming from. "Crap, Werewolves." She said to Brent when he finally caught their pet rabbit. "We should go we might get in trouble." She said to him.

"We can't get into trouble we live here." He told Mercedes standing up giving her the rabbit. He waited for them controlling his temper really mad about Werewolves.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara stopped suddenly as she got the scent of vampires. She looked to her left and looked at the rabbit growling low.

Zack heard her growl, and quickly follows he growls standing in front of Sara as he sees the vampires.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments Mercedes gave Brent the rabbit and pushed him back because of his temper. "Look we didn't break your rules. We live here you can't kick us out." She said to them calmly so Brent won't loose his temper. But seemed like he was going too.

Brent hissed at the werewolves taking the rabbit and standing behind Mercedes. His temper rising letting her do all the talking he was so angry.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara pushed pass her brother turning back into human form. "We weren't going to kick you out." she growled and looked at the rabbit.

Zack looked at the other male and growled still being in his wolf form.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments "The rabbit we gave been watching over. She had an injured leg." She said to her calmly, "once she's better. She will go back home." she said to them calmly.

Brent tried to calm his temper glaring at the male werewolf. He wanted to run over and knock the growl from him. But Mercedes was blocking him.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara crossed her arms, "Well it would be easier if you handed the little rabbit over to us so we could put it out of it's misery." she said.

Zack smiled at that idea, but narrowed his eyes still at the two.

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Janelle  (jj_thompson) | 4693 comments "She is ready to be set free from the wild. She has a family kill her and they could die." Brent finally spoke up before Mercedes holding the rabbit in his arms. "Why do you want to kill her anyways?" He asked Sara.

Mercedes sighed letting Brent talk he seemed more calm then he was before but it still scared her. He could loose his temper so easily and cause them problems.

ღSoɴɢвιrdღ | 1421 comments Sara now looked at the male smiling a little he looked very handsome. "Wolf has to eat and have food." she shrugs.

Zack shifted to his human form, and stays behind his sister. All he did was nod not having much to say.

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