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Who liked the movie better?

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Abby I personally read the book then watched the movie, but still liked the movie better.
Am I the only one?

Maddie C. I liked the movie better but that was mainly because it was soooo much easier for me to follow along.

Ilana i liked the book better. i usually fidn that the book is better than the movie adaptation since there are certain liberties that have to be taken for a movie to work on screen. the good thing here is that they kept the integrity of the story in the movie - and you got the gist of all of the emotional pieces. the miss i think was that there were characters that you didn't get a full introduction to and those are key folks in the coming books.

it wasn't bad through - i saw the movie 2x the opening weekend so i guess i enjoyed it enough :)

Jasmine i liked the book
the movie missed out things that would've made it better such as the butter knife incident. it would've told the audience more about the tension between the initiates themselves.

Shukri Kolmale the movie was alright for a movie about a book but the book was amazing.

Denise Emily I definitely liked the book better.

Tess the book is honestly much better than the movie but Four/Tobias wow now he is AMAZING

message 8: by Maisie (new)

Maisie Honey BOOK.. i felt you didn't get a proper feel of any of the characters in the movie apart from maybe Tris... i read the book first and LOVED IT but was slightly disappointed by the film... obviously they had to cut it down but they missed out all of the tension and friendships / hatred between the initiates like when Tris was attacked it wasn't much of an attack to start and there wasn't really any context, like with Al and what was going on there!! Also Edward and the knife ( or fork or waterer it was ) being stabbed in the eye was completely missed out... If i didn't completely LOVE divergent before i saw the film then i probably wouldn't have liked it.. too boring and not enough depth like there is in the book

Catarina Alexandre The book was so much better!

SafiraAeryn I preferred the book it was amazing, but I love to read. Always have my nose in a book. Quite like the movie.

message 11: by Wiebke (last edited Nov 01, 2014 05:56AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Wiebke The book is not always better than the movie. But this movie didnt miss out my favourite scenes from the book. It was a really good movie. There are so many stupid movies. This was pretty close to the book anyway.

Abigail The movie seemed mad fake. The book WAY better

Maddie C. Wiebke wrote: "The book is not always better than the movie. But this movie didn't miss out my favorite scenes from the book. It was a really good movie. There are so many stupid movies. This was pretty close to ..."

I agree. Plus, I said earlier that I had trouble following what was happening in the book and the movie cleared it up for me.

Aurora I feel that the movie would have been really confusing without reading the book first. But on the other hand in the book there is no theo james so...

Bluereader23 I saw the movie first before I read the book and have grown found of it. In other words I'm obsessed and can't stop watching it and literally watched about a half an hour ago giving a standing applause at the end. The books can never replace the movie. I remember reading the book the missing parts filling in their spaces in the movie. I remember carefully touching each page as if it were pure gold. Which I find it is. Veronica Roth has did something no other author has yet made me feel. Divergent.

Rewas The movie was ok, but the book was so much better!

message 17: by Eva (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eva The movie was awesome, but i LOVED the book, on the book we see a a good amount of stuff about each character, while in the movie it just show tris and a bit of Four, and barelly anything about the others.
And plus There were some scenes that i think that should have been on the movie and wasn't
But of course the movie had my favourite scenes, and also they can't put much because of the time, so it's not a big deal.
So yeah, that's why i Prefer the Book, even though i really liked the movie

message 18: by Ashley (last edited Jan 08, 2015 10:27AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ashley King Oh god. I have such mixed feelings. I personally think that they left out some parts in the movie that were VERY important. I wont list them all because, well, there were a lot. They changed parts that shouldn't have been changed. They added things that didn't make sense. But they did do a few things that i preferred. Like the scene with her mother in the alley. I think that if i didn't read the book i would have liked it better. But i can only think of one movie that i liked better than the book so i guess that doesn't really say much. It wasn't terrible though, and i'm still going to watch Insurgent. But the book was better.

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