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Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Riley’s finding that the afterlife can be a lonely place when all you do is focus on work. So she goes to the place where dreams happen, hoping to find a way to contact her sister, Ever. She meets the director, who tells her about the two ways to send dreams. As a Dream Jumper, a person can jump into a dreamer’s dream, share a message, and participate. As a Dreamweaver, an entire dream can be created in a studio and sent to the dreamer. But Dreamweaving was outlawed decades ago, and the studio was boarded up. Thinking it’s her only way to reach out to her sister, Riley goes in search of the old studio. There she finds a ghost boy, who’s been creating and sending nightmares to people for years. In order to stop him and reach out to Ever, Riley is going to have to confront and overcome her own fears.

Join Amanda and I :)

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Glad to read this book.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I will have to start this book tomorrow or the next day.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) okay!

Amanda (amandamarieeee) When will you be starting?

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Did you finish the one before this?

Amanda (amandamarieeee) No not yet, but I will read it tonight and finish it and hopefully start the next book if not I will start it tomorrow.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Starting this tonight

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay sounds good, I will finish the other book tonight then. Sorry I've been a bit behind.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) no problem! I can start a different one if you want

Amanda (amandamarieeee) That's up to you, I will finish it tomorrow and start the next book tomorrow as well.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) okay :P

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) crap i didnt realize that i didnt have this one, its 5.70 on amazon :(

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Oh boo that sucks, have you checked to see if your library has it so that you can just check it out?

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) yeah it does actually but i need a library card lol

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Yeah that could be important lol. Well I'm borrowing it from my library and it's due back on Friday.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) well you can read it and ill catch up, i might go to the library on monday

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) or maybe thursday/friday

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Well mine is due back to the library on Friday so I either read it before that or we read it when I can get it again from my library.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) That's what I was saying. You read it and post spoilers and I'll reply when I get it

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I actually ended up returning it but will check it back out soon.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Okay we can reschedule. I just got really sick and couldn't go

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay sorry about that, that would really suck. Hopefully you feel better soon. When would you like to reschedule?

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) December 23rd too far? I could def go to the library before then but that's my spot open . I can squeeze it in like after thanksgiving too

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Thats perfectly fine with me.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) december 23?

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Yeah thats perfect for me.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Sweet

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) idk why i thought planning this right before the holidays was a good idea lol

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I was thinking about that also lol.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Did we want to move this book back after the holidays.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Up to you. I can always buy it

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Well I don't mind when we read this.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) I can start today if you want

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay I need to finish the other book, but I will read some of it tonight then finish it tomorrow. I need to check this book out from my library since I don't own it.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Okay

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Okay got it from the library today will actually read it tomorrow since I'm going to go to sleep right now.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Gonna start tomorrow

Amanda (amandamarieeee) I will finish the other book tomorrow and then try to start this book tomorrow as well. Just super tired right now. I've been trying to read more of Caged so I can catch up.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) needed to finish this to hit 100 books so I read it super fast :P

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Oh wow well I need to read this book very soon then so we can read the last book together. They shouldn't take me to long to read I just need to get myself to pick them up.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) yup sorry to rush it, I just have a new years party tomorrow and I read 99 books :P

Amanda (amandamarieeee) That's totally okay I'm just never picking up a book for some reason and I really need to. I will read it within the next few days. I will just force myself to read it. Well congrats on reading 100 books though.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) Thank you!! I was cutting it close and read some smaller books

Amanda (amandamarieeee) You're welcome. That's smart to just read small quick books though.

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Just finished this book, only took me two days because I needed to put it down to sleep. Going to start the 4th book tonight.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) woohoo

Amanda (amandamarieeee) Yeah these are quick reads, I just need to have free time and just read them.

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