Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1) Cinder question

Is this book fantasy or science-fiction?
Cassidy Cassidy Oct 25, 2014 06:02PM
It has both elements, but when it comes down between the two, what would you classify it as?

I would say it is more science fiction, because that plays a big part, but the two genres are fairly well even...

Um... well, all Sci-Fi is really just Fantasy but shown as science (they're the same category in a lot of libraries for that reason). Cinder was, to be honest, very much on the line- the scientific explanations were pathetic at best, and I still don't understand what the Lunars were doing there in the first place. I would classify it first as YA, then as Sci-Fi/Fantasy, then reluctantly as Sci-Fi if I needed to be more specific.

Its all Sci-Fi even the lunar gifts have a scientific explanation


deleted member Nov 12, 2014 01:23PM   0 votes
It is sci-fi, but it has the same feel as a fantasy novel. It is also sort of dystopian, in that there is a corrupt society which the main character(s) must overthrow/improve. There is also the plague, which is common in dystopian. What marks it as different is that Cinder is in a nice society, with the corrupt one not being her own. It is like a mish-mosh of a whole bunch of genres.

I'd personally call it a Steampunk Dystopian Fairy Tale Retelling (which causes it to hit notes from Urban Fantasy and Cyberpunk as well)

Broadly though, it is Sci-Fi/Fantasy in the same proportions that I think Star Wars is. Star Wars is more Space-Travel Fantasy than Sci-Fi, and so is Cinder.

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