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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical fiction - third son to a noble escapes monastery becoming page to a knight. [s]

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Iman Fadaei Historical fiction for young adults. Here's what I remember of the plot:

The third son of a medieval noble is sent against his wishes to a monastery. He doesn't get along well with the other children there, but develops an interest in illustration under the tutelage of a grumpy and demanding monk. He eventually escapes and heads to a town where he steals a loaf of bread from hunger. The townspeople begin assaulting him but he's saved by a knight who's passing through, who takes him under his wing, gradually learning more about the boy after realising that his language skills and manners are clearly not those of the workman's apprentice he claims to be. The two become fast friends and the boy becomes the knight's page. The knight is murdered at some point and the boy eventually recognises his murderer in a town, follows him to a tavern and kills him in a fair fight.

From what I remember, the boy ends up as a old man in the monastery, writing and illustrating books where he finds some measure of peace.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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When did you read this?

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I think this is One Is One by Barbara Leonie Picard.

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Iman, thanks for your message. Glad we could help track down One Is One for you. :)

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