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message 1: by Pam (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pam (YA Escape) Who died? Jost or Erik? That ending was so confusing!!!!

Jenn Marie i was lost on a lot of points. so cormac did give the code and if so why. who died ? i am lost

message 3: by ewa (new) - rated it 4 stars

ewa *spoiler alert*
I think it was Jost dying and Erik who alerted himself to Jost, so he could keep promise and watch over the child. There were small clues, like with the dance, but why he did not say anything is beyond me... maybe the author wanted to keep it mystery, so we would wonder like now..
Anyway, would love to read another book in the series.
what are your thoughts?

message 4: by Pam (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pam (YA Escape) I agree with you, that seems to be the consensus (I've read other reviews that say the same thing, that Erik "tailored" himself to look like Jost). But I still have no idea why he didn't say anything to Adelice. I was thinking that was what was happening because she didn't get to see the body and that girl was acting so weird (and no good-bye, etc.). And I was thinking when he recovered he would tell her. But then he didn't. That makes no sense. At all. And yes, there were definitely clues, especially the dance, but I'm still so frustrated that we have to talk to other people to find out what happened for sure. I'm seriously thinking of e-mailing the author! And as far as I know, this is it for the series, it was the last book. There were other loose ends that weren't wrapped up either, like her mother. Very frustrating, I have to say. I loved the series, but the ending sort of ruined it for me.

Jennifer I just finished it last night and was initially mad about Erik dying because WTF... and now I'm just so confused.. I have no idea who really dies and who lives. I feel like Erik tailored himself to look like Jost,but it's just so flipping confusing. She should have just told us what happened rather than trying to be clever and leaving it open to speculation because now I'm just frustrated.

message 6: by Pam (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pam (YA Escape) I agree. I wonder if the author meant to be so confusing or if she thought there were enough clues for us to figure it out. But again, why wouldn't Erik have said something to Adelice? Also, there never seemed to be the Aha moment for Adelice. I was reading another thread where one person pointed out that Adelice said "he meets my gaze, and I know him," which she interpreted to mean that Adelice knew it was Erik. But shouldn't there have been shock, excitement, some stronger emotion? We needed just a couple of lines or a paragraph to make it clear!!!

Nikki Wagner It was all too rushed. I felt as if the whole book was a series of riddles, not just with the ending of is he jost or isn't he, but with the ambiguity of Pryanna, Cormac with Amie, Maela and Alix. There was too many questions and not enough answers.

It is supposed to be the last book in the series, but really what was resolved. The original plot line was lost, and I wonder what this book was really about. If it was love than Gennifer Albin shouldn't have abandoned most of her characters for 75 percent of the book.

message 8: by Brianne (new)

Brianne I think that he altered part of himself into Jost, so part of the soul is his and part is Jost's. Adelice is currently dating a hybrid of her two loves. She gets the best of both worlds in a way Hannah Montana never could even imagine.

message 9: by Teri (new)

Teri You guys are right, it really is Eric. The author gives it away when Adeline first sees "Jost" badly injured after everything in the end and he asks her to watch over Sabrina (since he was unsure he would survive). He then says promise me like you promised him. BAM. Right there proves he is Eric because he wants her to promise him like she promised Jost she would take care of Sebrina.

Rajasree Jayaram I too think its Eric, but I'm still kinda hazy about the whole alteration thing. if it was eric, then why was Alix so depressed? I'd like to know what their relationship was.

Monroe Oh wow... I just noticed the "Promise me like you promised him" line... Thank you for pointing that out Teri.

message 12: by Di (new) - rated it 2 stars

Di What I don't get is why? Couldn't he have taken care of Sebrina as Eric, rather than as Jost? It seems like an unnecessary twist.

Monroe I was thinking that too!

Yohara Ranasinghe What do you think "never stop...you" meant?

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