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Did anyone feel anything when sebastian died? (spoiler Warning)

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Grace HE deserved to die, but at the same time i felt sorry for him.... did anyone feel the same

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood I felt so bad for him, even though I've been saying sense the 3rd book that I wanted him to die. But it was so sad in some twisted way.

Maeve I love him so much i was like crying

Josefina Diaz Vazquez I felt like He, Sebastian, had to die, but I got teary eyes when he changed to Jonathan. That was so hard for me. I cried. So much. My baby boy :C

Grace ikr

Kayla Throughout the whole series I was hoping that Sebastien would become good... I was hoping that somehow Clary or their mother would provide some type of magical change. In the end, it was necessary but it was sad that Jonathan had to go as well. :(

Josefina Diaz Vazquez Yes... I liked Sebastian, even when he did all the... bad stuff, y'know? I was sad when he died, and when Jonathan appeared? OH MAN i cried so hard :c

Nova  J. I felt the same way when I first saw Suko's sister Azula in the last episode of Avatar all broken and shattered inside. As much as I wanted to hate Sebastian when he died, and cheer at his demise I just felt sad for him. It wasn't his fault he had dark angel blood in him, and the way he died as the person he could have been...that was eff'd up. I didn't feel like cheering it was just sad.

Nikita I wanted him dead, he deserved to die but I was surprised that I was a little sad that he died when he returned to being Jonathan. It was a twist I wasn't prepared for.

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Abigail I feel the same as all of you, I just wanted him dead so they could live in peace, (well as peaceful as a shadowhunter could get.) Then when normal Jonathan I was like can't we save him somehow?? I was sad, but I didn't have that much connection to him so I got over it within the epilogue. Although thinking back to it my heart hurts wondering what the future could have been like if Clary had a true big brother. She did have Simon who was her brother in a way.

Brianna I didn't feel bad for him. I felt that little moment were he was human didn't make up for all the bad things he did. I did feel sorry for Clary though. She never got the brother she wanted.

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Grace I did cry for sebastian and them when simon didnt remember clary at school. cried alot

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Noah Czerny Is there anyone who did not feel bad. pls tell me so I can glare at them.

Veronica sebastian had to die. can he even live with what he did? hundreds of shadow hunters were killed because of him. they had to replace them through ascension. he killed max, a child. in a way, he was forgiven so that he may never have to think of his sins.

Julia I didn't care about Sebastian, it was Jonathan who got me. That was rough... probably the most heart-wrenching deaths of a villain I've read so far... IF YOU'VE READ HARRY POTTER AND THERE'S A HEART WRENCHING DEATH OF A VILLAIN DON'T TELL ME BECAUSE I'M NOT DONE WITH THEM YET. thanks haha

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Ashley I was so sad when Jonathan died, but I totally enjoyed the end of Sebastian, if that makes any sense. I'm glad the world was rid of Sebastian but Jonathan never really got the chance to live or make his own choices.

I bet he would have made a bad ass Shadowhunter too.

Hamida ME! I love Sebastian. Eventhough, he's kinda bad he still wanted to change the world becuase he thought everything was wrong. Towardsthe second last book, I actually belived he had SOME GOOD IN HIM!

Sammy Sebatian is my favourite villian ever !!!!!! I cried soooo much when he died .

Mkelagee Soooo sad :( He tried to help Clary before he died....

Razan Well, I have a love/hate relationship with Sebastian.. but then he became Jonathan and I just.. I just... MY HEART BROKE TO MILLION PIECES AND I WAS CRYING AND *SOBS*

Talia Josefina wrote: "I felt like He, Sebastian, had to die, but I got teary eyes when he changed to Jonathan. That was so hard for me. I cried. So much. My baby boy :C"

omg yes it was sooo hard. He was so sweet for like 10 seconds. But I like how we got a glimpse on what Jonathan would have been like.

Ashley I agree that Sebastian had to die, but when he became his true self I was bawling. I think he should have gotten a second chance... but also i think that Jonathan would have been consumed with guilt and eventually killed himself...

Alina I never HATED Sebastian. I never liked him, but he had something likable that Valentine never had. I did get sad when he turned into Jonathan and I finally understood Jocelyn crying over the boy that never was. I knew that Sebastian had to die, even if he took Jonathan with him.

Harsh Kumar Well what goes around , comes around , there was nothing left for Sebastian but death. In the end though , I really felt bad and a pity . Sebastian was evil outside but was a human , a brother , a son on the inside . It was like a cage for him. He wanted to have a normal life too. He was not born this way it was valentine's fault. But he died a honourable death.

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Ed I just think it sucks that valentine put demon blood in him. I would have felt sorry for him anyway.

Danielle Benson Yes sebastian did deserve to die... but Johnathan didnt.

Jessica I like how this discussion title said spoiler after it was already spoiled....good job.

Lilly Santiago I read this part in class and i was beyond distraught.You don't understand like my teacher just ler me cry and everything lol. My cousin (we were in the same class) came over and hugged me while i cried and my friend said "I'm going to take the book away now, ok?" and he gently closed it and took it. Man. My class really understood me because as I sat there and legit BAWLED LIKE I WAS WAILING AND SCREAMING AND THREW A FIT I CRIED LIKE SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED LIKE (god forbid) MY WHOLE FAMILY DIED DUDE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND I BAWLED. And everyone just sat there quietly like "It's ok we're here" and they got me tissues and stuff. I mean they knew I was crazy but they kind of understood me in a way. No one laughed. I was distraught when Sebby baby died. Sebastian was a horrible person. He deserved to die...not Jonathan. I think people forget that. It wasn't his fault he was the way he was. People act like he was a normal nephilim that just decided to be a dick. NO. He was made that way. I feel like Jonathan didn't deserve to die, it wasn't his fault. He desrved a second chance. It's weird too, how much love we had for him. Meanwhile Jonathan was here one moment then gone the next.

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Athy It's kind of hazy, but I definitely remember feeling really sad unexpectedly. Looks like I must have had some sort of a liking for him, after all.

Herondalefangirling i was crying, because he was actually her brother and because of his last words, But he had to die, that is the thing.

Alaine Sumulong I felt sad. I hated him at first but when he changed into Jonathan and said how sorry he was for everything, my heart broke. I even remember crying a little after that. He deserved to die but he also didn't

Allison I cheered out loud when Sebastian died, and was getting ready to throw a party until SUPRISE Jonathan came out and I was like "ohhhhh crap let's save this poor baby child pleasepleasepleaseplease noooo" and then I cried a bit :P Like imagine being trapped like that your whole life, not wanting to do anything bad yet knowing that it's all you'll ever be, and that you'll enjoy it on at least some level. Jonathan never had a chance to live, which was so incredibly sad.

McKay Jones Did I feel anything? Did I feel anything?!

That's like asking me if a llama stabbed me 37 times in the chest would it hurt. (Kudos to those who understood that reference. We're best friends now.)


First you know I'm totally great because Sebastian just died, but then all his demon-ness was gone and I just lost it.

I almost cried as much as I cried in the ending of Allegiant, and DUDE, that was a lot.

I started thinking about all the things that could've happened if he didn't have any demon in him and then I thought about Clary's vision thingy when she entered Edom and I just lost it.

That ending changed my whole entire view on him. Granted, a few times throughout the series I honestly wanted Clary to go off and be evil along with Jace and Sebastian, but this made me question my whole entire being. It made me think about how he never had a chance to live, like Allison said, and how he would've been an awesome brother - had he not become a demon. Honestly, my hatred for Valentine grew so much in that moment, it was astounding. It's like, "I know you're dead, Valentine, but I want you to rot in freaking Edom where all the demon will torture you and hurt you and gosh I hate you."

So, yeah, I guess you could say I felt things when Sebastian died.

Stenedria I felt like justice has been served with the end of Sebastian, but when Jonathon came back minutes before the death, I cried.

Fallon Farmer I can only say that I cried like a baby and more everyone around me thought that I had lost my mind but I did not care. Jonathan deserved to live a life that he never had the choice or chance to live!!

Hannah Jonathan's (not Sebastian's although he was one awesome villain (those of you who agree and understand my love of a good villain are now my friends)) death ruined me for over a week. I couldnt feel, focus, or think about anything else whatsoever I was so emotionally broken. Every single part about his death hurt. Especially when he said he had dream that just happened to be like the one Clary had and when he himself said that he was only a ghost of what could have been. That messed me up. I can't even read those pages anymore because the type is smeared from tears

Allison McKay wrote: "Did I feel anything? Did I feel anything?!

That's like asking me if a llama stabbed me 37 times in the chest would it hurt. (Kudos to those who understood that reference. We're best friends now.)

Llamas with hats...methinks were best friends now? :P :D

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s I cry, when he die :(
Beacuse Cassie makes he bad in all the books but in the end, he is a good person, of course by the power of Gloriosa.
And for a moment I think he can live.

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For Sebastian? *blows raspberry*
For Johnathan? *tears* I.....I can't even.....Give me a moment.

Tracei Yes I felt sorry for him at least he was able to make ammends before hand but it was quite sad. I was hoping he had a longer time to redeem his self for his prior actions he didn't ask his dad to screw him up.He most likely would've been a very nice person or at least helpful. who knows maybe she'll bring him back in the next one that would be awesome.

Rebeca I thought I lost a piece of me in that part! I needed him to survive, I cried more for him than any of the other characters.

Sassy Herondale You can't be a human if you didn't cry when Sebastian/Johnathan was dying.My eyes were bloodshot by the time he was gone!

Victoria I cried so hard

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