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message 1: by Dongming (last edited Oct 25, 2014 03:29PM) (new)

Dongming Mei (blueday) | 4 comments I would like to change the cover for my book. The title on the cover will also be different because I've changed the title.

Link to cover:
The image in the link is a cover I've created.


message 2: by Nanaa (new)

Nanaa (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments
I've added another edition to the book. However, this book was never published right, ?
If not I will delete it.

message 3: by Dongming (new)

Dongming Mei (blueday) | 4 comments Yes, the book is not published. I'm currently working on it. You may delete it. I will add the book back once it's published (hopefully). Sorry for the misunderstanding.

message 4: by Nanaa (last edited Oct 25, 2014 04:00PM) (new)

Nanaa (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments No Amy, I think you misunderstood my intention.
I thought The Other Side of My Luck and The Doomed Train were the same book, with the latter being the version that you were planning to publish. Hence, I thought The Other Side of My Luck should be deleted... unless I'm wrong?

message 5: by Dongming (new)

Dongming Mei (blueday) | 4 comments The Other Side of My Luck and The Doomed Train are the same book (same story) but with different titles and covers. Yes The Other Side of My Luck can be deleted.

message 6: by Nanaa (new)

Nanaa (xxmzsmilesxx) | 1167 comments Ok cool, deleted~

message 7: by Dongming (new)

Dongming Mei (blueday) | 4 comments Thanks Nandar

message 8: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie Henry (sherriehenry) | 7 comments Okay, I'm about ready to give up and say the heck with it. My short story 'Twenty-Four Hours' has a new cover as I've decided to make it part one of a series. I also have received the publishing rights back to me as the original publisher has gone out of business.

So, how can I show the new cover and the new release date? For some reason, the new ISBN is attached to the 1st edition so I can't just create a new edition. I've been working on this problem on and off for two months and am really getting tired of the error messages. I've followed step-by-step the instructions provided by Goodreads, but I still get the errors. I can't get anything to 'stick' as a fix.

I can provide the new cover and the ISBNs that belong to each edition.

Thank you in advance.

message 9: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Hi Sherrie,

Goodreads policy is to keep all published covers because users like to shelve the edition that matches the one they own. If a book is re-released with a new cover but an old ISBN, we create what's called an alternate cover edition (ACE). You as the author have the ability to set the default edition (the one that appears on your author profile and in search results). You also have the ability to make an ACE (it's the same process as creating a new edition, except you need to leave the ISBN fields blank). However, many authors find it preferable for librarians to do it for them.

I found your book and it's new cover on Smashwords. So I created an ebook ACE here:

and a kindle ACE here:

To set either as the default edition, follow the instructions here:

I've also started a series page for you here:

As for the pub date, there are two fields. One is the 'publication' date and is edition-specific. The other is the 'original publication' date, and it defaults to the oldest published edition (or earlier, if set manually). Since your book was previously published in 2012, that's what will appear in greyed-out font as "(first published June 14th 2012)" next to the edition-specific release date in black font.

FYI, please don't delete or change valid publication data for books that are out of print or no longer available. Doing so is against Goodreads policy. It is helpful to think of Goodreads as an interactive book catalog. It is NOT a bookseller, so we don't just get rid of book records because the books associated with them are no longer published.

Hope that helps!

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