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Format same as Greek

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{{Name}} Zaida Hart

{{Name Origin and Meaning}} Zaida- Arabic; Increases, Grows Hart- English; Stag

{{Horoscope}} Aries
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{{Birthstone}} Diamond
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{{Birth Flower}} Daisy
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{{Age}} 17

{{Years at Camp}} She spent most of her life at Camp Jupiter but moved to Camp Half-Blood 2 years ago.

{{Godly Parent}} Apollo

{{Family Outside The Gods}} Unknown


{{Personality}} Zaida is very outgoing and adventurous. She is nice once you get to know her but isn't the most social person.

{{Strengths}} Bow and Arrow

{{Weaknesses}} Sword and Daggers

{{Preferred Weapon}} Bow and Arrow

{{Sexual Orientaion} Bi-Sexual

{{Crush/Bf/Gf}} Nobody at the moment.

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