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Feel free to post any questions you may have or any suggestions on contests or new topics.

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Rhystlynne (inkbottleburning) | 314 comments How do I get the poem to you when I'm done writing it?

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Just post it under a spoiler in the Poetry Contest discussion

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 51 comments Could there be a thread where people can request for book covers or something of the sort? Because I'd love to help make book covers (etc.,) if anyone wants 'em.

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Sure, feel free to make one, either under the Books or the Random Writing Folders

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Raquel | 12 comments Alright all,

So I'm in the middle of developing an idea for my next book and I can't for the life of me choose between these two forms of Hero. Haroz and Erou, this will not only be the last name of a character, but it will also be a part of the title. Any help? Which should I do?

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Travis Berketa (travisberketa) | 555 comments Mod
Raquel wrote: "Alright all,

So I'm in the middle of developing an idea for my next book and I can't for the life of me choose between these two forms of Hero. Haroz and Erou, this will not only be the last name..."

It'd depend on what the story is about. What genre is it and can we have an idea of the plot? Because if it is a romantic tale then Erou is a softer name, but if it is an action/adventure, then Haroz seems stronger.

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anastasia  (anastasiarunelle) | 51 comments Can there be a thread for review requests? Like, someone can ask if they can get their work reviewed, etc.,

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) This is sort of a suggestion that is not too serious, but I would still like to suggest it. I saw that only mods are making game threads, so I want to suggest a different game I saw on another writing group, or am I allowed to go ahead and make the game thread?

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Go ahead and make it Sarah!

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Night Owl Reader (allnightreading) TMEB wrote: "Go ahead and make it Sarah!"

Ok, sorry! I wasn't sure.

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That's fine Sarah

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Kailey | 7 comments Hi, so I have a quick question. How long can a person go with any real human contact? My character loses everyone she loves in an apocalypse and decides to cut herself off from other people. She wouldn't be completely sound of mind, would talk to herself, have PTSD, and wouldn't know how to interact with people normally, but how long is too long?

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It would depend on the how you want the character to act when they finally see people again. If you want them to entirely freak out and try to kill everyone thinking they're all in her head you would need a longer time than if you want the person to just be confused and not really know what to do when they see people again.

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Kailey | 7 comments Thanks TMEB, that actually helps a lot. I can't finalize the timeline now. Thanks a bunch :)

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No problem Kay

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Random question. Does anybody here live in or have visited Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle, or Paris??? I have an idea for a novel and I've narrowed the setting down to these five places and I was just wondering if you could tell me what it's like to live/visit there (how driving is like, quiet/loud it is at night, how easy/hard it is to find work, etc.).

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I have been to Chicago and New York, but not for very long. It wasn't super loud at night, but definitely louder than if you live in more rural areas. I didn't drive and never had to find work so I really don't know. They are very interesting places to visit though, and there is a lot to do.

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Kailey | 7 comments I actually grew up next to NYC and spend most of my weekends there. I can help with any questions.

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Good you probably know a lot more than me

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Thank you guys and Kailey... Did the traffic effect your decisions, like whether or not you would go to the other side of the city for something? Or, since you must've been used to the heavy traffic, was going to the other side of the city an obvious yes?

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Sorry we are not currently taking any new mods. If I ever need any I'll ask you though.

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you can post it in your own folder. D you want me to make you one?

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No problem

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