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Kimberley Johnson (arkkimberley) | 3 comments A little shameless self-promotion:

My latest book - AMERICAN WOMAN The Poll Dance: Women and Voting.

In a narrative that combines the history of the women’s rights movement, personal recollections and headlines of the day – with a dash of snark and sarcasm - American Woman not only speaks to women, but to all those who cherish our democracy. It is a clarion call to arms and the weapon is your vote.

I wrote AW for my younger self - something that would have piqued my interest despite my political ambivalence.

This book is a mix of many things. One chapter is dedicated to my efforts in calling out elected officials for not supporting constitutional gender equality. I write for a popular political blog and I ask said officials for statements or reasons they may not be supporting women's rights. If they ignore, I write about them on a blog that reaches thousands and thousands of voters. A perfect example that we all have individual power and we need to use it - no matter our ideology. My blogs have caused a bit of a stir on the Hill. And I have no plans of stopping. :)

1968 – 2012: My Political Evolution

A feminist raised me.

My parents separated when I was three. It was 1972 and a civil rights revolution was happening. Women were fighting for liberation, and the way women were being portrayed in society was changing. Women who were in the midst of redesigning the American landscape overshadowed the homemaker. I had no real idea about what was happening. I heard the term “women’s lib” and I saw commercials that said women were bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan, so in my mind, women were equal. My mother was a single mom who worked. She struggled but we always had dinner together in the evening and a very normal routine. When the sink was clogged, she fixed it. When the car needed oil, she replaced it. When we moved, and we moved A LOT, she set up the television and stereo. When we needed more money, she worked extra hard or took a second job. She is a smart over-achiever, so we also experienced times where, as a single working mother, she earned a nice living and we lived well. My life experience exposed me to a strong woman who never relied on anyone but herself. She made sure to drive that message home so that it was ingrained. She succeeded...

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I hope you will check it out. Thanks for reading!

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Lorraine Duvall | 3 comments Kimberley
You may want to read about my experiences from those years from the point of view of a 75 year-old feminist. My daughter is your age. I'll make a connection with you on your blog.

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Kimberley Johnson (arkkimberley) | 3 comments Aewsome! Thank you.

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