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The Hoverboard Cometh

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Sic Transit Gloria

We live in exciting times. Obviously, there's numerous problems to work out, but I am confident that they will be. (Just as long as nobody engineers a disease to blow up gasoline, right?)

Maddie C. That is really cool and I'm wondering how it works. And on batteries? Wow.

Maddie C. Do you know if it travels. Like does it just stay in one spot or can you ride it around?

Aiesha It rides around. If it didn't the point of it wouldn't really make sense.
Its also ran on how the below surface is within metal, so without metal on the ground. The hover board wouldn't run. Considering the soil is made within metal and the earth, that wouldn't really be a hard task to find.

Sic Transit Gloria Yes, in the book, hoverboards only worked on specific grids. The city had its own grid in the ground; the Smokies made a grid by dragging railroad tracks around the village. Either way, this hoverboard isn't like the one at the end of the series that can go anywhere.

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