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Brittany and Essie

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essïe Hai, darlin'. Any ideas ? ^.^

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Not really. Do you mind if I play the girl?

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essïe I don't see why not. What kinds of things do you like? Supernatural, romance, syfy ?

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I usually do just like a realistic romance.

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essïe Mmkay. How about something simple but a little twist? New guy comes to private school. Darkly handsome, cocky and rude. Girl is popular, everyone loves her and doesn't care what anyone thinks. But she has a past about her mother dying then her father abandoning her at a relatives house. So, she is tough. Three years later, 16 now and girl gets suspicpus of new boy when boy starts to follow her home and ask questions about her. What was his deal? Mmkay, sounds crappy but really thats the main storyline. Just kinda too lazy to dazzle it up lol

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I really like it :)

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essïe Okay, shall we make characters?

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Yep. Is just name, age, and appearance fine with you?

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essïe Yup

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Name: Allison Bree Carter
Age: 16

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essïe Name~ Cole Lockwood
Age~ 17

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Ooh, he's cute XD

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essïe Lol, thanks! Can I ask a favor? I would really like if we could avoid one liners. It gets a tad bit boring after a while.

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Of course. I tend to try to write at least 4-5 sentences.

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essïe Wonderful ^.^ Can you start?

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Of course.

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Allison strutted into school, heading to her locker. Her long brown hair was curled today. She opened her locker to grab out her books, glancing around the school. Of course, she was the most popular, but that never meant that she had no secrets. No one knew that she lived with her aunt, because of her dead mother and father that abandoned her. Yeah, she acted tough, but deep down, she was hurting.

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essïe Cole was annoyed that he had to attend this new school. All the annoying things in one. Uniforms, homeowork, cheerleaders..actually that might not be too bad. He sighed when he got another text from the new guy he was working for. He asked questions and demanded so many things. As if Cole didn't know what he was doing. The old man clearly was new. Cole simply rolled his eyes and threw his phone in the back seat and walked out of the car. This was a small town so new kids were always noticed. That didn't really help his case. As he walked down the halls he got a few stares but he refused to look back, he simply stared straight ahead. Cole wore the correct uniform. He wore a white button up but the top couple of buttons were open, exposing chest. He wore a loose tie and black pants. His hair was always messy but in a good way. Cole rolled up his sleeves and couldn't help but smirk from the stares. This should be interesting.

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Allison glanced over at him and bit her lip. Of course her shirt was unbuttoned slightly at the top. She was most definitely the hottest girl in school. She watched him walk past in the hallway. Who did this guy think he was? She scoffed and strutted past him, heading to class.

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essïe When Cole got to his first period the teacher made this big deal and demanded an introduction. "Why? You already know my name." Cole pointed out. The teacher, Mr. Lington, sighed and looked forward. "Class, we have a new student joining us today." Mr. Lington annouced. He gestured towards Cole."Meet Cole Lockwood. I expect you all to show our new student some help and respect?" He smiled then turned towards Cole. "Tell us a little something about yourself Mr. Lockwood." Cole looked at the teacher with an annoyed look and just rolled his icy blue eyes, beginning to head to the back of the class. He took a seat and looked up. "I don't like introductions." Cole said hardly. Mr Lington stared at him in shock, "Oh-okay." He stays there stunned for a quick second then trys to recover. "Um, class, take out your books amd turn to page 142." He stutterd turning towards the board. Cole sighed and stared at the board with a blank stare. Now, he had to find the girl. Perhaps she was in this class. He tryed to remember the picture the man showed him. Her face imaged his mind.

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She was sitting in the front of the class, taking notes on the lesson. Her handwriting was very neat and cute. She had to make everything that she did perfect. Allison glanced to the back of the room at him.

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essïe Cole felt her eyes on him and glaned up. He looked at her under his lashes and smirked. He found his girl. She was definetly beautiful. The picture the man showed her must've been two years old. Cole tilt his head slightly, examining her. This wouldn't be too hard.

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She rolled her eyes and turned back around. Allison went back to writing her notes. She wanted class to be over so she could go to cheer practice.

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essïe Hm, sassy too. Cole began to roll a quater across his finger, lost in thought. A childhood habit. When class was over he was the first one out the door and was halfway to the parking lot.

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She quickly got out of class and went to the gym, a grin on her face. She was the head cheerleader, of course. Allison held the school record for the most won competitions.

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essïe When Cole got to the car he grabbed his phone a sighed. 20 messages. From who? Isn't it obvious? Cole reluctently called the man and leaned against the car facing the school. He answered on the 2nd ring. "Did you find her? Is she okay? Why haven't you been answering me? You bastard, I knew you couldn't do it." He ranted. Cole rolled his eyes. "Look, old man, I don't have to do this for you. I've been in buisness longer then you can know. So do not question my work because I can easily walk out and let that little girl of yours get killed." He growled. The line went silent. After a few seconds the man signed, "I'm sorry. Is she okay?" He asked softly. Cole held the bridge of his nose, "Yes. She's safe and looks better then okay if you ask me." As if on que he saw the girl round the corner, headed towards the football field. "Does she seem happy?" The man asked. Cole watched her from a distance, pressing his lips together. "You can say that."

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She ran into the locker room and changed into a t shirt and some cotton shorts along with her shoes. Allison skipped into the gym with the other girls and started stretching. She sat in her splits for a few minutes.

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essïe Cole finally got annoyed and just eneded up hanging up on the man. He went to the football field and sat on the bleachers watching the football players. He was suppose to fit in right? This could work.

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They began to do some stunting. Allison grinned as she was thrown up into the air. She spun quickly in the air as she was thrown.

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essïe Cole was seriously considering it but saw from the corner of his eye smoke. The stonies ? Cole smirked and made his way down looking at all the stoned low lives. He took a cigarret and turned the corner, looking for the girl.

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She ran across the gym, doing a few back handsprings. Allison grinned and began to work on the group cheer routine. Cheer was her passion. She loved it so much.

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essïe When Cole got into te gym he leaned against the wall, examing her. As he got a better look he couldn't help but think that she was beautiful. She smiled as she did the thing she loved. She was passionate about spmething and Cole couldn't help but admire that.

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She helped the team with their stunts and cheers. As they worked on their routine, she made sure that everything was perfect. They had a competition coming up soon. Allison glanced over at Cole and smiled.

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essïe Cole blinked, suprised she saw him. He quickly recoverd and nodded in his direction. Summoning her over

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She told the cheer team to keep practicing. Allison ran over to him, raising an eyebrow at him. "Why are you in here?" She questioned, watching him.

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essïe Cole ignored her question. "I'm looking for an Allison Carter. I was told that was you." He said, his voice husky. It was never bad to be completly sure.

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Allison frowned slightly. "Yeah, why do you need to know?!" She placed her hand on her hip, trying to figure out why he wanted her.

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essïe She seemed much nicer before he talked to her. This was gonna be a long case. He sighed, "The main office told me to give you this." He dangled a piece of paper in front of her. "You're suppose to help me with my classes the next couple of days. You know, show me around, catch me up." He shrugged slightly and tilted his head. "Although, they said you were much nicer and cherry. Considering you are a cheerleader." He said, gesturing towards the other girls. "Obviously they were wrong." He let out a bored sigh, "I guess, some pretty faces aren't always ment to be shown."

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She held the paper. "Oh, alright." Allison smiled slightly at him. "Don't worry, I am nice, just was confused on why you were in here. Of course I'll help you around with everything." She reassured, smiling.

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essïe Cole looked back at her. "Well, I would like to know the basics and what I missed out on. Half of my classes are with you." He pointed out. "How about I pick you up from here around 4 and we head to the café?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. "I'm sure it won't take long."

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"Sure, that sounds great." She beamed, smiling. Allison glanced back at the team to make sure that they were practicing.

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essïe Cole smiled softly. "Alright, see you then." He started to walk out. "Thanks again..Alli." He said, trying a nickname. With that he walked out of the gym and to his car.

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She smiled and went back to practicing with her team. Allison finished the routine and began to help the flyers with their stunting.

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essïe Cole went home and threw on a black pullover and some black jeans. He threw on his converse and ran his hand through his hair. Maybe his job would be easier if he got her to trust him. To get closer. Cole shook his head, he shouldn't have took this job. With a moan he grabbed his keys and ran down to the car. He stopped and sniffed his sleeve. Cole never wore colon but he always smelt like the forrest and pine cones. He simply shook his head, Oh well. He started the car and headed back to the school gym.

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Allison had just finished practice. She went in the locker room and took a quick shower to clean off, pulling her hair into a bun to keep it from getting wet. She dried off and got dressed, redoing her makeup and fixing her hair. She walked out to find Cole.

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essïe Cole pulled up and unlocked the door, rolling down the window. "Hi." He said with a small smile.

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"Hiya." She grinned and got in the car, buckling up. Allison smiled. "So, how have you been in the time that I haven't seen you?" She joked.

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essïe Cole chuckled, "Horrible. I wasn't able to see a pretty face the whole time." He looked over at her, "Guess things are looking up." He laughed and turned back to the road, "And you? I've been told I'm a very misable person." He smiled.

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