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Patty | 102 comments Mod
As I began reading Chasing Vermeer, I noticed that some artists were named that I didn't know. Since having my iPad handy, I googled Caillebotte, who is mentioned in chapter 4. Here is a fun site to see all? of his many paintings. Hard to pick a favorite but many I wanted to stop and study. Loved the one with shirts or laundry drying on a clothes line by the river.
I can tell that this read will prick many interesting topics and be the cause of a great discussion.

Julia (juliastrimer) Sorry I can't make the discussion; here's my review:

I'll be posting reviews here over the winter, so see everyone next spring when I don't have to drive in the dark :-)

Patty | 102 comments Mod
I wish schools operated the way John Dewey thought they should, "Dewey believed in doing, in working on relevant projects in order to learn how to think." I suppose there are just not enough teachers like Ms. Hussey. "...Petra loved how Ms. Hussey listened carefully to the kids' ideas and didn't care about right and wrong answers. She was honest and unpredictable. She was close to perfect." Petra wondered if humans needed questions more than answers. Interesting!

What is Art was a big question that had no right or wrong answers. "Art for Calder was - something puzzling. Yes. Something that gave his mind a new idea to spin around. Something that gave him a fresh way of seeing things each time he looked at it." Petra and Calder thrived in this atmosphere that made them think and as the reader, it made me think also. Maybe that is why some people are drawn to the mystery genre. And this adventure of two "almost" twelve year olds is a mystery that asks more questions then it answers.

Blue Balliett took five years to finish "Chasing Vermeer" mostly because she was teaching full time. She says writing the book was like weaving. She did the warp based on art, wove across that with the pentominoes, and added in the classroom scenes. I'm so happy she didn't give up. She doesn't seem the type that would. Now there are other stories by her that I must read. AND I want a set of pentominoes!

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