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message 1: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann (annrumsey) | 14410 comments For discussion of chapters 33-40; if possible, the first participants to post could add a brief summary to guide the discussion of the last set of chapters please.

message 2: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2997 comments 33.
Sam agonizes on the correct life choice. She finds she has grown fond of the legal aid. Mattie asks her to handle the big coal case appeal. The companies are getting tough now that they are not facing Donovan. She is still conflicted about the NYC offer. The winter days slowed the caseload down. Sam meets with her black lung miner, who has now been terminated, and has little hope.

Sam and Jeff head to the cabin on Grey Mountain. They do some hiking in the snow, and head back to the cabin. Jeff builds a fire and they start feeling warmer and better. She noted that Jeff disappeared for several hours during the night, and suspected she may have been cover for moving the documents.

Sam gets the settlement check for her first case and presents it to the client, along with financially sound advice. Mattie is warned that the FBI is on the way. The warrent was far reaching, but had nothing to do with the legal aid files. A local criminal attorney came to help them, and the sect’y left with all the laptops. The FBI was not happy. When it is over, Mattie invites Sam over for wine and dinner and demands an accounting of all she knows. Sam is happy to oblige.

Sam’s black lung case sees life as hopeless and commits suicide. Sam asks for some personal time, which Mattie grants her. She heads to DC where she gets both of her parents together to guide her. Life has become complicated. She explains the case to her parents as completely as she can. Both parents told her to stay away from the documents. They wondered why she did not just walk away and she told them of the job offer. Sam talked until she was exhausted. She did not get any really useful advice, but the talk itself was therapeutic.

Sam’s next stop was Lynchburg Va to meet Jeff. Jeff admits he is using her for cover to get the documents to the new lawyer. Meanwhile the FBI returns her stuff. Either they realized it was fruitless, or her mother wielded some influence.

Sam gets a response from NY that they need an answer, and the terms of her potential employment. But there was a funeral to go to.
Sam learned what a “Baptist potluck” was. Not a usual NY experience. The miner’s child sidelined Sam and told her how much she meant to her father, and how she hoped she would not go away to NY.

Sam and Jeff got some kayaking done. Jeff goes for the last of the documents, and Sam hears shots. Coal goons are shooting at him. Jeff shot one of them and said they had to make tracks. Jeff leaves Sam with a gun, and heads off for the last of the papers. Sam hears shooting and screaming. She goes to look for Jeff. When she returns, the gun, and the documents, are gone.
Jeff comes back and they leave the cabin. Jeff has the documents, and explains that he also had back up. The shooting was actually a bear they had stumbled across.
They give the papers to London at the airport. The FBI had backed off, and the court agreed to hold the papers. London offers Sam a job on the spot.

Sam hopes life is getting back to normal, but Jeff shows up to disabuse her of that notion.
Jeff announces that he is leaving for a long time to get away from the stress.
NY again asks Sam to commit to coming back. They offer her the world
Sam shows the letter to Mattie, who assumes Sam is gonzo, but Sam expresses doubts. She does not like the work she would be going to.
Sam has a heart to heart with Mattie. She wants to stay, wants to take on the big buys, and wants a salary. Mattie agrees.

Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments The part where she delivered the check to the Booker woman was a great one. Every now & then the good guys win. The Ryzer's story is so sad and way too commonplace among the people of the area. The "Baptist potluck" is how things are when there's a death there. When my dad passed away in June we went back to the little church he & Mom went to after the funeral and the spread of food was unbelievable. Everything you could think of. The meeting between Sam & her parents was a nice point. I think her mom was probably instrumental in getting the FBI called off. I was very surprised with the ending. It didn't end. It just stopped!

message 4: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2997 comments I figured when you got further, you would find that there is a hint of good in the mother. One certainly understands where the father is coming from, and I think parts of his role are to add some moral ambiguity to the "good guys"

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7900 comments The Ryzer's story was very sad; I shed a tear when he took his own life. I'm surprised Sam didn't feel more responsible as he did it after she told them she wouldn't continue with their case.

I loved Grisham's touches about small town W. Va. life, like the funeral/potluck.

@Melodie: I agree that the story just stopped. I had to check to see if my audio hadn't skipped some chapters! Like you, I downgraded it from 5 stars to 4 for that reason. Very unsatisfying. I think he has to do a sequel. I don't mind a book that leaves a loose end, but EVERYTHING short of whether Sam was going to stay was left unresolved. I like a little more closure in my legal thrillers.

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7900 comments I also liked the meeting of Sam with her parents. That is was the first time she felt she'd had their undivided attention was sad.

I wondered how Jeff found out that the FBI was going to serve the legal aid group with a search warrant. I didn't recall that he had any contacts there.

message 7: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2997 comments ...The Ryzer's story was very sad; I shed a tear when he took his own life. I'm surprised Sam didn't feel more responsible as he did it after she told them she wouldn't continue with their case

I saw this as one of the places that Grisham was manipulating both the story and the reader toward his conclusion.

LizH (liz_h) | 955 comments Samantha just doesn't come across as so one who cares deeply for anyone or anything. Someone mentioned earlier that it could be part of her "New York lawyer" persona, and I think that is pretty valid. Be interesting to see if there is a sequel, and to see if she warms up at all.

Donnajo | 3544 comments Just finished the book will comment tomorrow from the Mac on iPad and I want to comment on posts. And think on my thoughts some.

Donnajo | 3544 comments part of me wasn't happy with how Jeff left. but thatis the part of me that enjoys a good romance story. I know neither wanted anything really full time if that is the right words so maybe it was okay. that wasn't the main storyline anyway. I really thought that sam's father would show up but I think that would have given it a completely different storylne. I like how Sam decided not going back to NYC. I don't think she would have been happy for the long run. maybe being in the location and around her old friends and things she would have but not after awhile. I was happy how she went to Mattie and told her what she wanted to stay and would do.

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