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message 1: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 318 comments Is anyone watching this new show? I am really liking it so far! One of those shows that keeps my undivided attention with a lot of characters that I can't figure out if they are good or bad.

message 2: by Randy (new)

Randy Harmelink | 110 comments I just decided this week to give up on it. I was getting bored, because I didn't really care about any of the characters.

message 3: by Jackie (last edited Oct 26, 2014 08:25PM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments I watched the original Broadchurch, and as a dedicated fan of David Tennant, I have to support Gracepoint. I watched the first 2 eps so far, much like the original story, but I read that it diverges and will have a different ending. I don't have time for it right now, but I will watch it eventually.

message 4: by Timothy (new)

Timothy (jeditimothy) | 599 comments This is a bad rip off of broadchurch i love david but this is bad :(

message 5: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments American remakes of British shows are never as good. It's against the laws of physics. lol

message 6: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 318 comments I have never heard of broadchurch. I will definitely check into it. I agree the American versions are never as good.

message 7: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) In this case, I think the American version, Gracepoint, is even better because I can understand the "American English" better. I have enjoyed both because I am a die-hard David Tennant fan. I am disappointed that they have to make him look so awful though. I can see a few differences but not big ones. Paul (the reverend) is not as big a character as in Broadchurch.

message 8: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 318 comments I still like Gracepoint. I just heard Netflix is picking up broadchurch so I will get to watch that soon. It will be interesting to compare

message 9: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) If you liked Gracepoint you might be slightly disappointed in Broadchurch. I love David Tennant I just wish they had cleaned him up a bit for both of these series. So far, I am really enjoying Gracepoint. I taped Thursday's episode so I haven't seen it yet.

message 10: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments What a waste of time, they said the end would be different. It wasn't. Definitely won't be back if it gets another season. Broadchurch season 2 isn't as good either.

message 11: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Jackie, I too, was disappointed that the ending was the same especially because they said it would be different. I am not watching Broadchurch season two because I don't want any spoilers for Gracepoint season two. I preferred Gracepoint because I could understand what the people were saying more easily ... it's one of the things I have a problem with some shows.

message 12: by Jackie (last edited Apr 16, 2015 08:51AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments Sometimes I use the Closed Caption function. Broadchurch is superior to Gracepoint. If I had to pick one over the other it would be Broadchurch though I don't know why they have to drag things out, Broadchurch was fantastic as it was, there was no need for a second season. All they accomplish is making a show boring when they stretch it out like this.

message 13: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) I have to use the closed caption for everything. *LOL* It just seems some times that certain things are said too quickly for me to understand it all. Sometimes it's even just a word. I have to rewind and play back to get the closed caption several times to get that one word. ... signs of aging perhaps? *LOL*

I'm curious, Jackie, in what ways did you think Broadchurch was superior to Gracepoint.

message 14: by Jackie (last edited Apr 16, 2015 09:46AM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments 2 whole episodes of filler in Gracepoint. The stretching thing I so detest. Better actors, better writing, better pacing, better everything in Broadchurch. I really couldn't stand Anna Gunn in this, while I loved Olivia Colman's Ellie. Tennant and Gunn had no chemistry while Tennant and Colman did. Gracepoint didn't have the emotional punch Broadchurch did. Gracepoint NOT changing the story as claimed, there were no surprises. Knowing the story left no mystery. I only watched to see where it diverged, it didn't; and to see the new killer, they didn't deliver.

message 15: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) funny I didn't notice episodes of filler. And the funny thing is I like Anna Gunn's Ellie way better than Olivia Coleman's. She's one of the characters who I thought talked as if she had marbles in her mouth and I saw her as more inept and even less respected by Tennant's character. I also thought Gracepoint better explained Tennant's character's illness. I did love Arthur Darvil in Broadchurch maybe it's the Doctor Who fan in me.But I picked up more about what his problem was and his realtionship with Ellie with Gracepoint but that may be because it was like watching a re-run in some ways. At some points I thought the minister was going to be the guilty party when I still believed they were going to change the ending.

message 16: by JackieR (new)

JackieR (readthat) | 318 comments Jackie I started watching season 2 of Broadchurch and I totally agree. It was boring. It's been building on my DVR and I am thinking of deleting and being done with it.

message 17: by Jackie (last edited Apr 16, 2015 12:45PM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments Broadchurch S2 does get better, but it's still not as good as S1. I like that we're finding out about Sanbrook but not at all happy about what's going on in the original case. Which is another reason why I won't do Gracepoint S2.

message 18: by Jackie (last edited Apr 16, 2015 01:27PM) (new)

Jackie (thelastwolf) | 4961 comments Another thing I liked better in BC was the Beth-Ellie friendship, it felt real. It was wooden in GP.

Karen, I thought it was the priest too at one point. They did elaborate more in GP but I thought it was obvious and unnecessary: we knew Beth had a past with him, that they dated, Beth married Mark, what else is there to tell? That story kinda tells itself.

message 19: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) One thing too with Gracepoint, I kind of thought it could be him because he looked and sounded more like he could be a child molester.
I agree though the friendship between Beth and Ellie in BC did seem more real.

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