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Queen of The Moon Lol so what would you like to do.

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Errrrrrrrrr hmmm something fandom related or school?

Queen of The Moon hmm. no school.

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Okie dokie thats fine

Queen of The Moon Hmm. Which fandom did you have in mind

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Star Wars maybe?

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Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 7449 comments Mod
*whispers from the shawdows* Pjo is amazing..... Leo Leo Leo Leo!!!!

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Ghosting Claire? XD

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That gif made my day

Queen of The Moon I dont know much about it :/

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Tis okeyy Ari

Queen of The Moon Okay. So any other ideas

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Harry Potter?

Queen of The Moon Sounds good

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Queen of The Moon lol

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What shall the storyline be?

Queen of The Moon Hmmm ... well it could be either during Harry's year, or several years after all the sh*! when down.

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How about after?

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Queen of The Moon Like the kids of Harry after or like his grandkids generation

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Hmmmm the kids?

Queen of The Moon Sure :)

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Ooooookie dokie. Can I be Rose? Ron and Hermione's daughter?

Queen of The Moon Sure :) hmmm ... who should I be .... think think

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Draco's Son? Harry and Ginnys Son or Daughter?

Queen of The Moon Lol a lot of people do ship scorpio and rose :P

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Lol I do. Its up to you though

Queen of The Moon Lol I'll be srop then. What age are we going for?

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Hmm... Around 16-17

Queen of The Moon Works for me :) want to start?

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Sure :)

Rose bounded down the Ravenclaw staircase clutching some books. Her big curly red hair bounced with each step. The only thing containing her hair was a daisy headband laying around her forehead like a hippie.

Queen of The Moon Scorpio walked out of the Slitherin dungeon with a sigh. He dreaded classes, especially those he had with Rose and Albus. They were always trying to be better than him, probably because of that day on the platform when they were getting on their first train to Hogwarts. He turned the corner, saw a flash of read and was falling on top of someone else.

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Rose crashed into the floor as someone fell on top of her. "Im so so-!" She began saying then noticed it was Scorpio. Her face flushed and she gulped. She had always found him intriguing but knew he hated her.

Queen of The Moon He looked down at her in surprise. "Yeah. Sorry." he hurriedly got up, pulling her up with him. He flicked his wand and their books sorted themselves into stacks and floated in front of their owner. Scorpio tucked his books under his arm again and watched her, ready for an outburst

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She clutched her books to her chest and gulped again looking anywhere but him awkwardly. "I.. I um Im sorry.." she said shyly. "Ill just
.. yea.." she said because starting to scamper away.

Queen of The Moon He laughed and shook his head as he followed her to class, wondering if she had forgotten that they had class together. He took his seat, next to the window as always and regarded his professor with slight irritation. He was actually pretty good at potions, and always got a surprised look when he did well, better than Potter and Weasley sometimes as if someone such as himself couldn't possibly be good at anything.

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She took her usual spot in the front stealing a glance at Scorpio. She sighed and shook her head as she opened her book and waited for class to begin.

Queen of The Moon There class was simple today, make one of the potions they had been talking about for weeks. He went to his work table and set to work quietly.

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The only other table available was just across from him. She set het supplies down and got to work silently.

Queen of The Moon Scorpio glanced up and saw that they were working on the same potion.

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She felt his gaze land on her and she blushed. She continued working doing the steps with skill and percission.

Queen of The Moon He noticed her blush and figured it was from the heat of her cauldron

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She finished off her potion and brought it to the front quickly. The professor checked it off and she rushed out needing space.

Queen of The Moon Scorpio finished moments after her and headed for his favorite place. He was glad the Room of Requirements had been fixed after the battle of Hogwarts.

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She sat outside the room of requirements. She sighed. She had been wanting to explore and open it for ages. She was just afraid to go by herself.

Queen of The Moon Scorpio saw Rose and stopped. "Um, are you going in?" he asked

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She jumped. Softly she said "Yes.... I mean I want to.."

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