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This is the a franchise of the deli run by the Falcone family. This is the nicest franchise in the chain. It is located in a skyscraper near the City Council's. Sometimes Council Members and their underlings will pay a visit.

The franchise is pretty large, and the walls are grey. There is a long counter for food, and there is a plethora of tables for customers to eat at.


((Is this good, Brian?))

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Iroh | 179 comments (It's good)

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((Okay! RP with Viktoria and Brian?))

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Iroh | 179 comments (yup you first)

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Carrying a couple papers containing information she still needed to decipher, Viktoria entered the deli. She walked over to the counter to order.

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Iroh | 179 comments [ i'll rp as one of the workers as well]

the man at the counter looked over at her "hello welcome to falcone foods. how may i help you?" he asked

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Viktoria was silent for a moment before shrugging. "Perhaps by making a sandwich for me?"

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Iroh | 179 comments he nodded "sure thing, what kind of meat would you like to have?" he asked

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Viktoria shrugged. "Something edible," she said off-handedly.

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Iroh | 179 comments he looked at her a little odd but nodded "ok then that will be a total of 6.50 dollars" he said

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"That's a lot," Viktoria said under her breath before more loudly saying, "Nevermind. I don't need anything." She looked around for an empty table to sit at and saw none.

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Iroh | 179 comments then john falcone walked in the man at the counter went over and greeted john "welcome mr. falcone welcome can i get you your usual?" he asked "sure that would be nice" he said he looked over at viktoria and gave a smile

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Viktoria smiled back hesitantly.

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Iroh | 179 comments "Would you like a sandwich?" He asked

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"Too much money," Viktoria said quietly. She grimaced and shrugged. "I'll just borrow your lighting."

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Iroh | 179 comments "Don't worry it's on the house" he looked over at the worker "Paul can you make her a sandwich as well" he said the worker nodded and began prepping another sandwich

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Viktoria frowned. "You don't have to do that. . . ."

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Iroh | 179 comments "someone who comes into this establishment doesn't just come for the lighting it's alright" he said

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Viktoria shrugged. "Yeah, but I don't want to make anyone else pay for me." Her voice was quiet, and she spoke with no small amount of caution.

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Iroh | 179 comments "Who's paying its on the house" he said

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"The house is losing profits though. . . ."Viktoria murmured. She grimaced.

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Iroh | 179 comments "and how is that?" he asked curious on what she was talking about

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"Well, you're not making money off the sandwich," she said, frowning at the ground.

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Iroh | 179 comments "one sandwich won't make a difference" he said

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"A little bit of one, it will," Viktoria protested. "It makes a difference to my pocket." She gave him a look of confusion.

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Iroh | 179 comments "Money isn't everything as long as we can put a smile on our customers face then that's good enough for me" he said

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Viktoria seemed satisfied with the response and looked around, still not seeing an empty table at which she could sit.

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Iroh | 179 comments He went to the counter and told the man who was finishing the sandwiches to grab a foldable table he nodded and went and grabbed a new table and started to set it up

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Viktoria watched, flushing slightly. "You don't have to," she mumbled quietly.

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Iroh | 179 comments "No customer should have to stand while eating their food" he said

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Viktoria shrugged. "Alright then." She watched the table being set up.

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Iroh | 179 comments the man set the table and put two chairs "your table is ready mamm" he said

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Viktoria nodded, smiling. "Thanks."

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Iroh | 179 comments He nodded and went to get her sandwich and brought it to her

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Viktoria thanked him. She pulled out her work and ate while she worked.

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Iroh | 179 comments The man then handed John his sandwich John thanked him and the man went back behind the counter and began to work

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Viktoria continued her work, squinting at the lines of code written in nearly illegible handwriting. She ran a hand through her hair.

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Iroh | 179 comments "rough day?" he asked

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"Just busy," she disagreed with a shrug.

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Iroh | 179 comments "may i ask with what?" he asked

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"Work," Viktoria answered. "Classified."

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Iroh | 179 comments "if you're working on classified work why here?" he asked

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"Because I got hungry, and I don't want to leave my work, but I equally don't want food in my workspace," Viktoria said slowly as if that should be obvious.

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Iroh | 179 comments "Ok then" he said

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Viktoria nodded.

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Iroh | 179 comments He ate his sandwich "quick question" he said

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"Yeah," Viktoria asked, raising an eyebrow. "What is it?"

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Iroh | 179 comments "What is it that you do?" He asked

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"Uh. . . a bit classified," Viktoria mumbled.

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Iroh | 179 comments "The unclassified part" he said

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