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Cam works for me but Daniel does not. I like Cam looking angelic, innocent, and beautiful. I pictured Daniel more rugged, dark, and with stronger features. He looks to baby faced for me. Luce looks close enough.

Lygia i agree
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Now I know how the first Twi Hards felt when Rpatz was cast lol. That dude is no Daniel for me, but oh well. Guess we'll see.

The first book is great. However it doesn't really get great again until the last book. The middle books aren't awful or anything, they're just not as good as the first and last ones.

The actors look ok, but they did luce and cams hair wrong

I've been planning a Fallen themed display at the my library. I didn't even realize they are releasing a movie. I hope they stick to the book!

i always have a tough time relating actors to the characters in the book but i think that as long as i'm open to how they stick to the story (or not as #1 on Ms. Kate's list described) it'll all be fine.

i can't wait to see how this one translates onto the big screen. it's so different than the vampire and Dystopian stuff that we've seen adapted lately that it should be a welcome treat

this movie better not suck
i better live up to the book(s)

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I heard about this a while ago, I am very excited to see an official trailer for the book to come out ;)

I love the actors! specially Daniel, they chose him very wisely compared to the book.
I heard that the director is going to re-shoot some scenes that include Luce&Daniel because of some adjustments and after that we'll hopefully get a trailer!!

is daniel the blonde because if he is then yay!

I can't wait for the movie to come out, I'm so excited. I love the characters in the book and hopefully I'll love them just as much in the movie.

Can't wait for the movie. Totally excited

I'm super excited for this movie.. but, I'm hoping and praying they don't screw it up..

Good idea to do a movie but they better not f*** it up. I agree Luce is hair is not quite right shud b longer and black but not horror movie black.

Do you think this book is worth reading? If so, why? I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should and I haven't heard anybody's opinion on it yet.

I think the first book in the series definitely manages to catch your attention however the rest of the books just muddle up the story (in my opinion). Nonetheless the first book is worth a try.

Ria ^ This. I have to agree. But, I think Luce was casted well. Daniel isn't too bad, but I'm not so pleased with Cam. ...more
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