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Hey! Here's some writing for ya!

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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair | 29 comments Mod
Hey everybody in my lovely little group! We should post the links to our writing here. Look for my writing. It's under Lit and Fiction. It's called the Dark Eyed Sea. Check it out.

message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 16, 2008 07:08AM) (new)

Hey, here's mine...

ps. it's kinda sad.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

People! Go and read some of Rain's poetry!! It is beautiful!

message 4: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair | 29 comments Mod's the link for mine.

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) Here's my link. Tell me if it works ^-^

message 6: by Kenzie (last edited Mar 26, 2008 08:01AM) (new)

Kenzie It's not very good. But here's some!

message 7: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ Hi! Here's some of my writing, too. I would really like some more feedback. :)

message 8: by Sella (last edited Apr 05, 2008 03:51PM) (new)

Sella Malin I put the two books I am writing, Tulip's Cozy Tea and Stairway to the Stars, on this site. Here are the links:

I would like feedback!

message 10: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I add more and more, so here's the link to all of it!

message 12: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ added a joint story that i'm working on w/my friend. here is the link to it:

message 13: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I posted some more chapters for Tulip's Cozy Tea, Moon Rise, and The Morte if anyone would like to read them!

message 14: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie They're really good, Sella.

message 15: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i posted more chapters of soul stealer. :)

message 16: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ ... and even more chapters. haha

message 17: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin You're on a roll! BTW, I posted lots of chapters of Moon Rise, but I don't want to post more until I get some more feedback...

message 18: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair | 29 comments Mod
I posted the next chapter to the Dark-Eyed Sea. Take a look, if you want?

message 19: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ oh cool! i will read it, kristen! :D

message 20: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i posted more of the untitled joint story, btw. PLEASE READ IT!!! my friend and i are trying to get more feedback on it, and only four people have commented on it so far... i know it's long, but you don't have to read the entire thing if u don't want to...

message 21: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I read it! It was amazing! And people please comment on Moon Rise, Brigid and my joint story...

message 22: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ YES!!! PLEASE!!!
also, i am just about to post some more chapters of soul stealer, if anyone is interested...

message 23: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Me!!! BTW, did you get the chapter of Moon Rise I sent you?

message 24: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair | 29 comments Mod
Thanks for your support, everyone. Brigid, I'm heading over to your joint story right now. I added two of my short are the links.

message 25: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Can you read the other joint story Brigid is working on, the one with me, too? It's called Moon Rise and it's on my profile, not hers.

message 26: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ please??? and btw, i posted four more chapters of soul stealer.

message 27: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I added a new story to my profile. It's Untitled. Can you people read it and let me know what you think?

message 28: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i loved it sella! it was so cute. :)

message 29: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Thanks :D

message 30: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Hair | 29 comments Mod
I read the first part of the escape and really liked it. I'm moving on to the other chapters before posting my review. And I'm working on everyone else's.

message 31: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ haha. i know. there is so much good writing to read on this site! it's almost overwhelming. lol.

message 32: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I know! :D

message 33: by Tim (new)

Tim (dallinar92) | 10 comments Here's the first chapter of my story.

message 34: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I posted another chapter of The Morte.

message 35: by Tim (new)

Tim (dallinar92) | 10 comments I just read The Morte and let me say this. IT WAS AMAZING! I think that EVERYONE should read it! Really Sella, hope you post more.

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) Yay for the Morte! I'm not big on horror but I like it so far!

message 37: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Thanks!! I'm planning to post more soon, don't worry.

message 38: by Cuinn (new)

Cuinn  (cuinnwolf) | 3 comments Hey, I just joined. Here is a link to my writing:

message 39: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ i posted more of soul stealer last night :D

message 40: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ ... and i just posted another chapter of soul stealer!

message 41: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ new chapter of The Prophecy of Aedán, if anybody cares...

message 42: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin Also, if anybody cares, I posted more chapters for The Morte (newest Chapter Eleven), and another one for Stairway to the Stars, and I also added another story called Star Soul:

message 43: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ new chapters of soul stealer :)

message 44: by Sella (new)

Sella Malin I posted Chapter One for Star Soul, if anyone's interested!

message 45: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ yay awesome :D

message 46: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ omg!!! sella!!! i just read the new star soul chapter, and it was amazing!!! it's like your best story ever, and that's saying a lot. :D

message 47: by Veronica (new)

Veronica (v_a_b) ditto! :D

message 48: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ new soul stealer, btw :)

message 49: by Veronica (new)

Veronica (v_a_b) i read it and I love it!

message 50: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ thanx :D

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