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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2115 comments Mod
Thanks to Jason M. Waltz and J.M. Martin whose Facebook/Blog alerts shared the below "GEM" ... or is it GEMmell?:
This excerpt can be read as a preface to chapter 1 in The first Chronicles of Druss the legend. As it the first three pages detail Druss’s wedding day[which has not been seen in any of Druss’s books] pages 4 and 5 deal with the first true fight Druss faces[parts of this are already found in the book. Think of this excerpt as a first draft of that scene].

Fantasy Book Critic **EXCLUSIVE** A David Gemmell Short Story: The Birth of a Legend

For completeness:
Note that Both JM and Jason are members of the group and great advocate publishers of Sword & Sorcery. JM's Ranting and Raven Blogpost on this topic

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Charles (kainja) | 424 comments Wow, I definitely am interested in this. Very cool. Thanks for the heads up.

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Mark | 77 comments i still have that magazine.

i had to get a friend who was going to meet him at book signing at library about 9 miles away from i was living to take it and get it signed by david as i couldnt get the day off work to go myself. also got the first 3 books signed.

wished i had took adays holiday.

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