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Eager to read Logan's story

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Marlie I'm eager to read Logan story. I hope Samantha will nail it, because this is going to be the last one in the On Dublín Street serie (I'm so sad :C). So I hope this book will leave us a good impression.
I can't wait for it, and the realease date is: summer of 2015!!!, Maybe the editorial will advance the date as they'd already made with EOES, although I supose it will be with the US edition and not with the UK one.
I don't understand the delate in the UK edition, as a reader from Europe I feel it's a badly handled matter.

kim Park Lee Really? This is the last one? So disappointing, it wasn't so grate.

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Marlie Yeah, I fealt disappointed with this last one. Maybe it's because I had so high expectations with this OnDublinStreet series, that it hasn't reached them, but I felt this book doesn't have the magic the others have.
I felt this loss of magic in FallFromIndiaPlace although I really loved it, so much. And much more loss of magic in the next (and it was hurtful because it was Cole story. But the latest in this serie lacks of having that special thing that ODS, DLR, BJL have and even if you push me I would say FFIP and EoSS.
I don't know but Moonlight it's a distant story, the H&h are bland, and there's too much soap opera stories around them (ok it's part of who they are but it's too mucha like a tb serie).
I finished it with the same feeling as HERO, the story hadn't touched me. So sad. I hope Samantha doesn't loose her touch because ODS it's my favourite romantic/erotic serie.

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