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Ice Drift

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message 1: by Cristian (new)

Cristian | 8 comments "We have to go back! Alika shouted ti Sulu. Stay near me." Ice Drift is a book about two bothers going seal hunting but something goes wrong the ice starts to shake, Alika and his brother Sulu hear a loud crack before they knew it they were just drifting away from civilization. the two brothers get lost out in the wild and will need to survive and try to get back home. I really enjoyed this book because, its about survival and just watching each others back. It's heart warming I'm also reading this book called The Kite Runners, the difference between these two book is that the other book is longer and it takes about the life of some kids and what they have to go threw. this book talks about the love of two bothers trying to survive but I recommend this book to people who like reading adventures books.

message 2: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Castanon | 46 comments Hey! Great review, you make the book sound extremely interesting, as I'm sure it is. I started to read the book but stopped, maybe I'll start reading it again. Thanks!

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