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((Under Construction))

This is where Alois Trancy lives with all his demon servants, despite hating demons. Alois is mainly seen around his butler Claude, seeming to hate his other servants. This mansion is huge but theirs rarely any visitors here so you dont really get lost in it cause Claude keeps an eye on all visitors. Theirs 140 Bedrooms, 100 bathrooms, 5 servant bedrooms and bathrooms, 1 main bathroom and bedroom, 1 main study, a pool and a large library. Not to mention a garden and a ballroom.

These are the servants/guardians of the Trancy Manor. The guys are triplet demons, named Thompson (The one in the middle), Cantebury (the one on the right) and Timber (The one on the left). They only whisper to each other because Claude told them to never speak up, knowing it would annoy Alois. But, they are seen talking out loud in the garden and often talking about how hot the maid, Hannah is. The girl is the maid, Hannah. Her right eye is missing because Alois gorged it out from her looking in his eyes. Alois hates her, but since she's a powerful demon and knew his little brother, Luka, he keeps her around. Hannah seems to deeply care about Alois, claiming his soul belongs in her so he can be with his brother, Luka, forever, since she also deeply cared about Luka. Hannah handles Alois' attacks and never leaves, thinking she can protect him better then Claude. Though, she often seems upset knowing Claude is someone who might hurt Alois, yet Alois only seems to crave Claude's attention.

This is Claude Faustis, a spider demon. He's very blank and seems to always be after Ciel, sometimes acting as if Alois' soul is not good enough for him, since Alois is more afraid to die then Ciel. But, Claude does deeply care for Alois, this is seen when he watches his every move. He doesn't give attention to Alois because he loves driving him crazy, yet is always seen tensing when Alois starts flirting with everyone. Claude seems to copy Sebastian, in a sense that he uses butter knives to fight as well, only they're gold and not silver.

This is Alois Trancy, owner of the Trancy Manor and of many clothes stores all over the world. He is thought of as being gay. This is shown when he seems to flirt with guys and abuse women. This could be because he was kidnapped as a child and lived with a little boy he met and loved like a brother until age 5 when the boy made a contract with Hannah that she burn down the village in exchange for his soul, just cause Alois wanted the whole village to burn for treating them so cruely. Then, at age 12, he was taken, along with some other boys around his age, to a guy with the last name Trancy to be a sex slave and ended up being the one to seduce him. He then made a contract with Claude Faustis, that he kill the old man and also help him get Ciel Phantomhive. It is not proven that Alois is really of the Trancy family, but they cant prove it wrong because Claude will not allow it. Though, it is stated in the anime that Alois' real name is Jim Mccain, but he legally changed it to Alois Trancy. Alois' demon mark is on his tongue. (view spoiler)


Main Room:

Dinning Room:

Guest Bedrooms:

Guest Bathrooms:

Servant Bedrooms:

Servant Bathrooms:

Main Bedroom(Also known as Alois' Bedroom):

Main Bathroom(Also known as Alois' Bathroom):

Study Room:





Spadez (or Kadyn) | 205 comments Mod
Alois quietly hums as he draws on a piece of paper in his study. It was about 3 pm, but this was usually what he did.. Yeah.. His life was pretty boring now a days.

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