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The Phantomhive Estate is where Ciel Phantomhive lives with his many servants, mainly being seen around his raven butler, Sebastian. The Phantomhive estate is large so its quite easy to get lost. Theirs only windows in rooms, not hallways so its also dark inside, mainly at nights. Theirs 240 bedrooms, 200 bathrooms, 1 garden, 2 pools, 5 servant bathrooms and bedrooms, 1 main bathroom and bedroom, 1 main study and a large library.


These are the Gaurdians of the mansion/the servants. The girl with the short red hair and glasses is Mey-Rin, she's just the normal maid thats supposed to keep the mansion cleaned and serve any guests that are to come, yet always drops the dishes or runs into things, being the clutz that she is. The guy in the middle with the red things that are holding his bangs back is Finnian or Finny as many call him, he's the gardener, yet always ends up killing the plants just by touching them. The guy on the right with the blonde hair is Bardroy, the cook, he loves playing with his flamethrower, despite always burning up the kitchen in the process. The old man their, Tanaka, doesn't talk much. He's a steward to the house yet Ciel kept him cause when Ciel was kidnapped, Tanaka tried saving him, just to get stabbed in the back in the process. Although they all fail at their jobs, Ciel keeps them because of their strengths. When Mey-Rin takes off her glasses, she's a very skilled sniper shooter and can see anyone within miles away of the mansion. Finny has incredible strength, being able to pick up trees like it was no sweat. Bardroy used to be in the military so his skills with any weapon is astonishing.

This is Sebastian Michaelis, the butler. He's not only a butler, he's also a demon, but only Ciel is the only one who knows of this in the household, the others dont. Sebastian is seductive towards women and the only guy he's seductive to it seems is Ciel Phantomhive. He's great at fighting and has never lost a fight before, he teaches Ciel all of his lessons such as acting, dancing, singing, violin and fencing. Sebastian is seen mainly fighting with butter knives, using them to throw at people. He's very protective of Ciel and often seems upset if Ciel is kidnapped or mad at him.

Ciel Phantomhive is a 14 year old boy who is Earl of the Phantomhive manor, Owner of a very successful toy store thats all over the world, and the queens watch dog. He's very serious yet too smart for his own good and likes playing the Death Game and Chess. Although he doesn't fear anything, he isn't able to dress himself, feed himself or bathe himself either, so thats usually what Sebastian does for him. In fact, he wont allow anyone but Sebastian to do that for him. When Ciel was 5, his mansion caught on fire, killing his mom, dad and family dog named Sebastian then he was kidnapped a few moments later. By the age of 12, Ciel was stabbed in the chest but managed to make a contract with Sebastian, then waking up to see everyone dead around him. When he was brought home, he was no longer all smiles and was instead very serious yet still childish, this is shown when he hates losing and uses his butler to help himself win. Ciel is mortal, but he doesn't fear death and where ever he is, his butler isn't too far behind. Ciel's demon mark is in his right eye, which is why he keeps it covered with an eyepatch. (view spoiler)


Main Room:


Guest Bathrooms:

Guest Bedrooms:

Servant Bathrooms:

Servant Bedrooms:

Main Bathroom(also known as Ciel's Bathroom):

Main Bedroom(Also known as Ciel's Bedroom):



Study Room:


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Ciel sits in his large dark purple chair in his study room, resting his chin on his left fist, his royal blue gaze out the window in thought. It was quiet today, in fact, Ciel was quite shocked that he hasn't heard any of the servants running around to try finding Sebastian because they broke something again. But then again.. Even he didn't know where Sebastian was.. Wasn't he supposed to be in here? Oh well. Why should he care? Sebastian was just his butler after all.

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