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What did you get out of "The Common Day"?
Marquess Marquess Oct 23, 2014 07:46PM
I didn't really 'get' this story. I just don't understand what it is about. I followed the narrative easy enough but struggled to pick up on any kind of moral or symbolism. Help me understand. Also, this is the second story I've read by Cheever (the first being "Goodbye, My Brother" previous to this one in the collection) so any advice you have regarding the things I should look out for while reading the rest of his stories would be appreciated.

deleted member Nov 25, 2015 03:44PM   0 votes
Hmm. As much as I would love to discuss this story with you, it appears I lost my Cheever's collected shorts in a break-up. Alas! I love Cheever, as I lover all good writers, within their times, within their personal lives, how I admire the wings they seemed to be able to achieve when the set pen to paper! My libary, small town, small county, small state (politically) doesn't own Cheever's complete, so I'm at a loss. When I have the money to buy a new "used" copy, I'd love to discuss this with you! I look at this all the time, and wish I could respond, but while I know my old brain has read it, it no longer recalls it, so forgive me!

Same here. No real 'meaning' discernable, narrative just rambles on

It seems to be a story of small wants that, in the near future, won’t be fulfilled.
Jim wants to be helpful but is not appreciated for his efforts. His wife wants a permanent residence in the country. The maids want to visit their homes in Europe. The gardener wants autonomy and Mrs. Garrison wants him to do as he is told. Agnes wants to keep in charge of Carlotta, and little four year old Carlotta wants real pearls.

This is just one day but wanting “something” is an everyday part of life.

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