The Death Cure (The Maze Runner, #3) The Death Cure question

The maze runner series horrible?
Grace Grace Oct 23, 2014 05:50PM
who thought the whole maze runner war horrible ?

Horrible...Utterly horrible.
Wasted my time on it.

It has it's flaws, but still remains my favorite dystopian trilogy out there. The writing and character development (mainly for Thomas) are mediocre, but I loved the idea and concept of the trilogy.

For me the series started out good. It built this mystery in the Maze, the relationship that Thomas had with Teresa before the Maze. It had a wicked amount of suspense(pun intended) that gave more answers than questions. I though the ending was rushed too much and it didn't have a pay off or some kind of closure that I was hoping for. Good, not horrible but it's okay. There are better dystopian series out there.

James Dashner is writing a prequel book for the Maze Runner, it comes out in 2015.

Emma That's not what it is... ...more
Dec 14, 2014 05:49AM
Quinn whatever. at least hahahahah
Dec 14, 2014 05:51AM

I loved the trilogy including the prequel. I just thought the Scorch Trials is the most horrible of all. And no, the maze runner series is not horrible but if you think so then just stfu

Yeah, the series did kinda suck big time!
Except The Scorch Trials, the 2nd book was actually really good...but it wasn't enough to say the entire series was 'great'.
I didn't even see the point of The Kill Order, by far the worst one of them all.

@ Paul - I continue to read books (even if they suck) so I can have a proper and informative opinion on it.
If you quit reading halfway through, you can't comment on it other than "I got bored so stopped reading it".
At least if you finish it, you would actually have a reason to say 'why' you didn't like it.

I really loved the first book and the last one, but I thought the Scorch Trials was horrible. Thomas was so different, so boring... He passed out, or was crying because of Teresa, i don't know.

I wish I hadn't spent the money.

i have my own issues with it. i LOVED the maze runner - but i could nOT get through The Scorch Trials the first time i read it. took me 3 weeks and i stopped in the middle. then i picked it up 2 years later and re-read it and it was good - and then i read TDC - and i had to force myself through it since i just didn't feel like i was entertained. i haven't read the Kill zone yet and i don't know that i want to. it's sitting in my elibrary right now though.

It wasn't horrible but still not one of my favorite series. I just think too many people died!
The concept was fun but the one thing that never got answered for me was in a world were the resources were not sufficient to support the population why would they devote so much toward a maze? Think about how much resources it would take to develope, create, maintain and run the maze!

Paul (last edited Oct 25, 2014 07:41AM ) Oct 25, 2014 12:03AM   -2 votes
I loved them, if you didn't like the 1st book then why finish the trilogy and possibly the 1st prequel The Kill Order and then complain about it on here. It doesn't make sense unless you're a professional critique and by your 1 line comment about them, I doubt you are.
Everyone's entitled to their opinion, I'll never ever refute the right to free speech but if I don't like a book a I stop reading it, like most other most other people do and if it's a trilogy what on earth possessed you to continue reading them?

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