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Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim
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Ket | 164 comments I actually don't remember what this book is because I gifted my copy away about three years ago. I read it in college, so about three or four years ago at most. I think it's a new-ish memoir/travel writing book, no older than the 90s, if that. I know it was about multiple religions interacting somehow. I remember something very vaguely about the writer doing his morning prayers, having his house busted into, and being dragged away on this faith adventure of some kind. The writer was Muslim, and I'm pretty sure he was a guy. The cover of the book was blue. I gifted it to a friend so that he could understand that Islam is not really what the kind of American media that he believed in makes it out to be - that Muslims are people and not a violent, faceless enemy. So the contents of this book would have helped someone realize that, but I don't think it was *about* that. Non-fiction, I'm pretty sure, and autobiographical. Blue cover, maybe yellow writing? Or I'm getting it mixed up in my head with the cover of "The Happiness Project."

Thank you all!

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Ket | 164 comments That's it! Thank you!! :D I'm so happy!

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