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This is where the mods chat about wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!

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Allons-y peoples.

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hud GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AG Lol Fantastic

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grace Don't blink

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AG Hey

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grace hi.

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AG What's up

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hud Jambo

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AG Hi Lilly

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hello peeps

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AG Hi Grace

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AG Hahahaha

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grace Hi!

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AG Hey

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hey lets all roleplay! I don't think that will work though..... unless Grace wants to be david tennat? Then anna and grace could roleplay and me and lily could roleplay(you dont have to listen to me i am a weirdo)

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hud Eleven is so kawaii.

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AG I'd love to do that

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hud Okay!

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Ugh I am doing a stupid computer class project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AG Not fun

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KK Grace you in?

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ikr computer class totally sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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grace hu? Sorry. What?

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forget i just accidentally put that 1 there

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Do you want to play david tennant(i know matt smith is better) in david tennant roleplaying world with anna. (anna is rose)

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grace gtg be back soon.

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okay anna do you want to be a dalek or a weeping angel(that would be hard) or something?

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AG Um I'll be a dalek

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Okay you don't have to if you don't want to. You could be another companion or rory(we are in matt smith roleplaying btw)

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AG I could be Clara

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Okay clara and pond intresting eh we'll make it work

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AG I could be someone else if you want me to

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no it works you and amy will be close friends lets make it intresting

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AG Okay

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
I have a random thought:People are getting rory role in the beginning when he first comes into the show he's not a weak normal human.In fact he's ballsier than the doctor and I only say that because look at what he did when the silencer took amy he blew up an entire CYBER FLEET and waltzed into the command center dressed in roman attire like'give me my wife or every bad guy to ever exist will perish'And when the battle at demons run he turns into a complete monster killing any and all headless monks I mean it's like scary how mad and scary he is then when he first sees melody he's back to good old rory.Am I not right?

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Yeah! You are so right!

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
I honestly cried like the doctor when they took rory away.......but during the time of the doctor several things clicked in my mind:1.Amy and rory are in an area of time the doctor can't go because of the time stretch
2.When amy had to wait for the doctor and rory she made a sonic screwdriver
3.In that case then what would stop her from creating a prototype TARDIS and going to the doctor
4.Amy makes a star appearence right before the doctor regenerates which hints she's making a comeback
5.Clara's gone so that means the doctor needs a new companion.....and who have we seen hints about?:AMY AND RORY!

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Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 171 comments Mod
This describes doctor who'Oh you think that characters gone?NOPE!'

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I know right! LOL

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hi you are back. Where have you been?

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