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message 1: by Shiriluna (last edited Apr 22, 2015 02:25PM) (new) - added it

Shiriluna Nott (shirilunanott) | 4 comments Hey everyone! -waves- I am really excited to announce that my debut novel, an epic fantasy/LGBT fiction book called "A Call to Arms" has just been published on Amazon. Digital only at this time (but the print edition will be ready within a week or two!) It's free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited members.

Here is the link to buy "A Call to Arms": http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OK3HUSI

A Call to Arms

Here's the blurb:

"Gibben Nemesio is in trouble.

His parents are dead, his sister is missing, and he's been left the sole provider for his two younger brothers. With a war brewing in the east and no guarantee of surviving another brutal winter, Gib's life is plagued by uncertainty. To make matters worse, he suddenly finds himself uprooted from his home and drafted into the army.

Forced to leave his siblings behind, Gib reports to Silver City, where he enrolls in the legendary Academy of Arden. An outsider and misfit, Gib struggles to blend in among the highborn city folk. His charming candor eventually wins him a handful of friends—an enigmatic mage trainee with a secret, a young girl who has defied tradition by joining the military, and a prince looking to escape his stifling life. But his new-found comrades may not be able to help when Gib alone overhears a traitorous plot—a scheme so horrible that if seen to fruition, all of Arden will suffer for it. It's up to Gib to convince the High Council of Arden to act, to stop the terrible danger, before it's too late.

108,000 words, 313 pages (approximately). Epic fantasy. LGBT fiction."

If you are a fan of Mercedes Lackey's Last Herald Mage series, or any other fantasy series with a gay protagonist, I think you would really enjoy this book.

If you have any questions about the book, I'd be happy to answer them (here or through a private message).

Thanks for taking a look! (:

message 2: by Hpstrangelove (new)

Hpstrangelove | 4 comments Is the story self-contained? Not sure if I'm asking it correctly. I see it's book 1, so I assume there will be more to the story, but is the reader able to feel there is a conclusion to the events happening in book 1?

message 3: by Shiriluna (last edited Oct 24, 2014 12:29PM) (new) - added it

Shiriluna Nott (shirilunanott) | 4 comments Yes, the conflict taking place within the book is resolved at the end (I hate cliff-hangers), but I do feel the reader will be intrigued enough to want to continue the series.

So to answer your question, yep, the plot is self-contained, BUT there are definitely things left to be addressed in book two. A few unanswered questions, but mostly a "what will happen next?" kind of vibe.

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Shiriluna Nott (shirilunanott) | 4 comments Giving this a bump, as it's been a few months! :D

message 5: by Shiriluna (new) - added it

Shiriluna Nott (shirilunanott) | 4 comments Book two, "Nightfall" to be released in mid-May!

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eweFace | 4 comments "Epic fantasy novel featuring a gay protagonist."...

sign me the FUCK up

Ehhhhhh I don't know why my comment didn't appear complete.

Oh whatever. Please tell me you sell this in Google Play or some other international digital library! I live in Mexico Orz.

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