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Kristel (kristelh) | 3803 comments Mod
Read 2014
A literary crime novel by Sicilian novelist Leonardo Sciascia. An anonymous letter arrives to the pharmacist and it states "This letter is your death sentence. To avenge what you have done you will die." The pharmacist can't think of anything that he has done and decides it is a joke. He and his hunting doctor friend are found shot dead on their hunting trip. The police can find no reason and therefore blame the pharmacist of an affair with a young girl who was picking up prescriptions frequently, ruining her life and the pharmacist widow's life. A high school teacher with a literary bent, notices a clue and out of curiosity begins to seek out more clues in the mystery. His amateur sleuthing results in unexpected, tragic results.

The story was published in 1966 in Italian and it was translated to English in 1968 under the title of A Man's Blessing. The edition I read was published in 2000 and translated by W. S. Di Piero.

Diane | 1918 comments Rating: 4 stars

Note: If you are reading the NYRB version, save the introduction until after you finish the book, as it contains spoilers.

A clever plot for a mystery novel. This one is set in Sicily, which apparently has a darker side. I found it interesting what role the attitudes and corruption of society played in the resolution of the mystery.

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