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ℜoxie -₮he ℛeader (roxiehibbs) | 13 comments Mod
We have reached the conclusion that humans in general find something hard to believe if they are unable to see it and sometimes even when the evidence is placed before them they still will not believe.

Humans scarcely belief in fairies, however there are also a large majority who do believe they exist.

Paul did not believe at first but gradually he builds a very close relationship with Knife infact so much so that they both end up falling in love with one another which has been against the fairies beliefs however they remain together stronger than ever and determined to remain that way. Their bond is unbreakable.

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James (jamesgg) | 1 comments What does Knife see in Paul?

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ℜoxie -₮he ℛeader (roxiehibbs) | 13 comments Mod
James May I ask if you have read the book?

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Jamesgg | 2 comments No :) I'm guessing that if I had, I'd know the answer and would have had a more interesting question. However, having just been reading Katharine Mary Briggs' "Encyclopedia of Fairies," I got to thinking about the attraction between the worlds. Obviously humans are wowed by the glamour and beauty of the good folk, but what do the fays see in us? I was wondering what your take was. Or should I just immediately download the book and find out for myself? :)

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Jamesgg | 2 comments Wait, how did I sign up under two separate names? THAT'S a mystery...

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