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Ji (br0w51ng) | 4 comments Looking for a book that I read back in 2010, but the book may be much older than that. Memories on the publish date are vague.

I believe the intended audience was teenagers as I read it in intermediate/middle school.

The genre seems to have been close to scifi but the entire book takes place on Earth.

The main protagonist is a young boy, perhaps mid to late teens, who shall be referred to as YB (cannot recall actual name).

YB leads a quiet life, he lives generally unnoticed. He has a mother and father and I believe one other sibling (not as certain).

One day YB notices a silhouette outside his home from his bedroom window. The silhouette shows up repeatedly. It seems to be searching for something under the bridge outside his home. YB tells his father.

I cannot recall the identity of the silhouette, but it knew important information and knew about YB.

Eventually the following information is revealed:

1. There is an alien transport below the bridge which belongs to the father/YB. YB was never aware of this, but his father was.

2. Turns out YB is from another planet, not Earth, despite living here for so long. YB always thought he was a normal boy.

3. The father had done something to conceal YB's presence to a degree, which made him easily forgettable. I think the father explained that he had not intended to keep up the concealment for so long but for some reason he never got rid of it. When he considered removing it later, he thought that YB would be unable to handle all the new attention so he decided against it.

4. YB is told that he must return to his planet, but he has to leave his family behind on Earth. It is made to sound very important.

5. YB reluctantly agrees to go back. The story ends with him shooting off to space in the transport as he looks back.

This is about the most I can remember about this book.

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Joseph Marquis | 219 comments Maybe Space Race by Sylvia Waugh.

message 3: by Ji (new)

Ji (br0w51ng) | 4 comments Joseph wrote: "Maybe Space Race by Sylvia Waugh."

I don't think it's that book... the plot does not seem familiar.

If I recall correctly, the main protagonist did not know he was from another planet until the climax of the story. Also, there were other family members besides the father (i.e. mother and possible sibling).

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Ji ~~
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Ji (br0w51ng) | 4 comments Bump

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Ji (br0w51ng) | 4 comments Ji wrote: "Bump"

It's not Hard Drive, but it might be the Antrian Messenger. Although, the plot seems a little different.

I can't confirm it yet as there are only hardcopies of this book and considering the current COVID-19 situation, I can't go to a library.

I will confirm whether it is or not as soon as the lockdown in my country ends.

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Rainbowheart | 15734 comments Fingers crossed!

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