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message 1: by Tony (last edited Sep 22, 2019 01:55PM) (new)

Tony Whitt (goodreadscomemperordalek) | 78 comments Mod
Here we are discussing Malcolm Hulke's novelization of THE SEA DEVILS! If you want to hear your review of or comments on this book read on the air, or you have a specific question about the book, please post it here by no later than midnight CST on Sunday, October 6!

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message 2: by T.E. (new)

T.E. Hodden | 15 comments I like this novel, the elongated opening, and other slight changes give the story a little room to breathe, and feel more rounded than the TV episodes. The one question I would raise is why so much time and effort was spent introducing the concept of South Sea Oil, if the oil rig sections of the TV show were replaced with sea forts being converted to solar power? (In reality, a lot of places where sea forts were built are now home to wind farms).
The stretched out demonstration of the prison security is perhaps a misstep that could have been nipped and tucked, without doing any harm to the story.
I always liked the Doctor not knowing which war to be a veteran of to be funny, but a little out of character for a seasoned explorer of the ages. but I suppose... there are so many in British history they all get a little blurred.

Overall 4/5. A swiftly paced romp, that tightens the slack of a TV story that sagged in a few places.

message 3: by T.E. (new)

T.E. Hodden | 15 comments Also: I'm glad there were no in-jokes (that I noticed, anyway) about The Navy Lark or CPO Pertwee's thieving habits, but if ever there was a chance to acknowledge the Doctor's tattoos from Spearhead in Space, this would have been it...

Michael (bigorangemichael) | 45 comments I somehow missed this one in my collection growing up, but I listened to the audiobook when it was released years ago. As with all of Hulke's adaptations, it's fascinating to see him tell the television story in a different way on the printed page.

I recall enjoying how much I enjoyed Geoffrey Beavers' narration (he could narrate the phone book and it'd be great!) as much as I did the story.

Is it strange that I heard the funky soundtrack in my head at times and was disappointed the audiobook didn't use it a bit?

message 5: by Harry (new)

Harry Vanhoudnos iii | 5 comments Liked the TV version over the book. Hulke gives more information for minor characters over the actual story. 2/5 for me.

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