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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Ushe | 65 comments Mod
Please see library paper for discussion questions.

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria Barrios | 7 comments I though it was going to be interesting but the book its just full of boring facts . I find it really hard to get engage in it, if I dont enjoy the book. And only one person in my group is on track. (Ana Chavez)

message 3: by MakaylaR (new)

MakaylaR Rice | 2 comments Chew on this group 2 is not non track because there is lack of time. We don't have enough to read the books with activities going on and homework as well. It doesn't start off interesting because it is boring but I bet when it gets to the middle or the plot the story will pick up.

message 4: by Ana (new)

Ana Chavez | 7 comments I am on time with my book, while some people in my group are not on track. I find it hard to read the book though Im on time because the book is not intresring. I find it a task to do that I dont look forward to because the book is all statistic and not intresting fact.

message 5: by Ricabelle (new)

Ricabelle Pagara | 5 comments I thought that the book was going to be more interesting but it turns out that its just statistics. I also don't have time because of all the school works and home responsibilities.

message 6: by Darron (new)

Darron | 5 comments our reading is up to date with our reading log.

darron and felipe say how mcdonalds makes no fresh food and how mccdonalds wants people thst looks more attractive to run the cash register because they think it will attract more customers

message 7: by Chima (new)

Chima | 2 comments My group is on schedule. The book starts of as who started the famous restaurants we know today the goes in deeper to the more common restaurants.

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